My, How They Grow

One of the things that my kids and me most love to do is sit in our hammock in our back yard. The hammock was a present from their babysitter from her home country of Bolivia. The hammock holder was a house warming present from my mom for when we moved into our home (the one we had to sell.) Funny enough, in our newer domicile the yard is much smaller, but it has great shade. So in the afternoon we sit there under the dappled light. Vivien likes playing there and cuddling. It relaxes Rex before his nap.

It’s a place of sharing special moments with my kids.

Like this one.

11 thoughts on “My, How They Grow

  1. lol… I know exactly how you feel.. my little Max just turned 6 months and we have just started solids to! So the same thoughts ran through my head… he’s growing up way to fast , but my brain hadn’t quite got the the evil girlfriend stage!!! Oh dear I never thought of that.. just an other added worry!!! :)

  2. So funny. My husband came around the corner while I was watching this and started cracking up too. We have 3 children, 2 of which are boys. We think the same thing….

  3. Oh, it happens quicker than you know.

    I can’t believe my first baby is now 14, but, when I look at him, I still see that little baby in there.

    So funny how that never changes…their little baby face is still there.


  4. Thanks for making me laugh this morning. My little boy is 2 1/2 and I can hardly believe this much time has passed. I am saving all those naked baby pictures and other equally embarrassing videos for his future girlfriends. Hey he needs something to tell his therapist later on, right? lol

  5. ha!! This is so funny! We have 2 girls and I can only imagine what it will be like if we ever have a boy. I know I will feel the same way as I have my 4 year old telling me already that she will never move out of the house or leave me.

  6. last night when he was waking me up every 2 hours his future girlfriend could have had him!
    So glad it struck a chord, a funny one!

    Thanks for nice comments about Rex. This morning as I gave up on sleep I thought, “Rex? you look like a Tommy.” oh well.

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