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  1. I know what you mean about sticking a fork in your head… I nearly did the same thing when I was watching her on Oprah and she kept saying, “You know what I’m sayin…” after every statement she made.
    I haven’t heard her new music yet but I want to believe that she can make a come back.

  2. Do you ever wonder that these people with comebacks purposely do stupid stuff with their lives because they think they can capitalize on it?

    I just wonder if their thought process is…. “i’m rich beyond belief… i can afford to screw up big time… pay for the damages… do my best to bring life around… AND THEN… i can make a lot of money on how strong I am for making it through addiction…”

    I hope I’m wrong, but sometimes I wonder…

  3. I watched both days of the Oprah interview. Sorta. Like Amy, I kept thinking, “No. I don’t know what you’re saying becasue YOU AREN’T SAYING ANYTHING.” As much as I would love for her to make a huge comeback, I’m thinking it’s not going to happen. And, I will admit that crazy-cracked-out-Whitney was one of my guilty pleasures. Nothing makes me giggle more than hearing clips of her yelling, “Bobaaaaaaaayyyyy” and her saing, “Hell to the no.” She was a hot, hot mess.

  4. So I realized my last comment was, well harsh. Recovering from surgery and pain meds seem to be interfering with my filter.

    What I meant was this…

    Sometimes I think that if these celebrities didn’t have such a cushioned life they may think harder before dabbling into addictive habits when things get tough.

    It upsets me that when a celebrity recovers from an addiction or is released from prison, they get all of this publicity and deal offers and so on. When the average person bounces back after being so low it’s near impossible for them to find a job and for their family and friends to trust them. It’s a real struggle for them to get their life back in order.

    I hope that is more reasonable and less hostile…

  5. The only thing I heard in the whole interview was how she FINALLY left him and went to CA. But once she gets to CA she is sitting there waiting for him to come and pick her up. She didn’t REALLY leave him….she was just trying to get his attention and then all of a sudden she realized he didn’t want her anymore. So, there sat Oprah praising her for ‘leaving’ him. Whatever….

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