The 4th Birthday Party

Why did I worry? That’s what my friends were saying as Vivien’s party was in full swing. There was room. Plenty of room. I think I have big house syndrome. I have a skewed perception of space from my year of living large.

The bouncy fit fine straddling ours and our neighbor’s yards. The kiddie table and chairs in front of the garage. Enough seats around for adults to perch, and the kids were happy with playset. When Cinderella arrived she did her parachute games/face painting thing on the grass. I think she was the Rolls Royce of Cinderellas. I hate when you hire a princess or fairy, and they show up with ill fitting wig and tats. When some of the girls said, “Did Cinderella leave?”

I said, “Yes.”


“She had to go meet Prince Charming,” I said. “They have a cute loft downtown.” The girls were listening.

And my sister Carole quickly added, “But she is going to finish college.”

The only misfire was that Mark didn’t buy enough water bottles for the hot day, and our guests were wilting. Next time one of those tubs with spigot for water.

Vivien was very happy. Her best buddy stayed most of the day with her, which was great. I started writing my thank yous as they played. ‘Cause I either right them right away or a year later.

And all those toys and hunks of plastic she got? Love it. I don’t rag on them at all. It was fun for her to open and the ones she didn’t immediately grasp I stashed for a rainy or cranky day down the road.

She really loved Zingo. It’s a kid version of Bingo. Boy was I happy. ‘Cause I love Bingo!

8 thoughts on “The 4th Birthday Party

  1. Awesome!! You are doing such a great job of handling this year, really.

    Can’t wait to start planning out King Rex’s Royal One Year Bash. You’ll rock at that one, too!!

    Lovely picture, by the way. She’ll treasure it when she’s older.

  2. Oh I am so glad it went well! She looks so happy with Cinderella! My little girl just had her 3rd bday and begged for a princess party but being in finance and without a job for awhile we are on a big tight budget this year….so I built a princess castle and made all the swords and shields and stuff for the 25 kids! Crazy big wonderful party on my tiny little budget. I was going to send you the pics! Here is the link in case you want to see. Even the biggest party throwers seemed impressed – not that it matters when my little girl was so happy! The only thing we did not get was the dragon to slay for the treat bags. They wanted $75 for the costume for 2 hours! Oh well – no one noticed!

  3. can’t believe you made that castle. It looks great.

    Yes, I thought it was the REAL cinderella and told Viv so.

    For Rex I’ve learned my lesson. just family and some cake!
    Thanks guys!!

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