Friend Dating

You ever notice how old friends take more work than new friends? Often, old friends have accumulated baggage that we must contend with because now, we are in too deep. Or you made them when you were so young or needy you couldn’t screen them as sharply as you do newer friends.

It’s like the difference between dating my 20s and dating in my 30s. ┬áIn my 20s I put up with all kinds of nonsense. In my 30s at the first sign on annoyance, I was, “Get your crap and get out of here.”

Here is a thought on my present state of friendships.

9 thoughts on “Friend Dating

  1. Ha ha ha… too funny! Some mornings I think.. hmmm what to do…shall I ring one one my new mothers group friends and meet up in the park OR shall I have a nap… needless to say the later wins hands down! Damn isolation for being so tempting!!

  2. LOVED THIS ONE! Love it when you do the true to heart mom ones. Yup…I know, exhaustion, behind on housework, not enough time with the kids…all these things trump “friend date night.”

    So true…and the line about not screening them enough in your youth,but now, feelers are out…first red flag, and I am outta there…

    Great stuff, Daphne, and I love your hair up…makes you look so pretty.

  3. thanks, It’s a jump suit. It’s a short one. I bought it at Trina Turk, one of my faves. they were having a 70% off sale and I’ve been wearing maternity, so thought time to buy some clothes even if I’m not at my ideal weight.

    ironic, was suppose to have a girl night out and if fell apart for everybody. oh well. hopefully we’ll have another ‘date’.

  4. Gettin’ skinny there, Daph! I noticed in the sewing vlog and again the the last two. Way to go, mama!

    I so get this and it’s one of the three reasons I don’t look forward to kids. When we got married, we suddenly had to find couple-friends and that’s literally like 4 times as complicated as regular friendships. Ugh. We have to go through this again? Do the kids vibe, do we vibe, do I like her kid, does she like mine? Woah. Friendless starts to look fine.

    FYI – the other two reasons are the whole sleep deprivation thing and the childcare thing. I’m ready for everything else – ready to dive headlong into all the joy and tears and poop and heart-bursdting love…

  5. I was JUST having this conversation with my husband this morning. A friend asked me to go out with her to a clothing swap while my husband took my son to gymnastics…um, I shot her down because the thought of going out when I have a totally empty house to myself for an hour was too tempting to pass up. Needless to say I got this from my husband “Why do you complain you have no friends? Here is a perfect chance to go out and you say no…blah blah blah” (and imagine that in a really thick Polish accent…not for fun…he’s actually Polish)

    Long story short…I understand this post.

  6. I so hear you.. As a friend call me for daytime activities but not at night as that is MY FREAKING DOWN TIME THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Kids are 16 and twins at 11 almost 12… When they get home from their evening activities or finish their homework I am DONE for the night thanky you very much.. Time for some ME time dammit!

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