Sleep Travails

Okay, so this sleep thing… um, well. Saturday night went great with Rex. He slept from 9:30 to 5 (here he is napping at my mom’s).

I should have had the energy to go to an early morning yoga class, but as life would have it Vivien–not her norm–woke up at around 2 or 3. Not sure, a blur, just realized she was wedged between us, and Mark was saying “She’s had a bad dream.” She rolled on me a few times till I took her back to her room where I passed out briefly and then went back to my room. One wake up after another. I calmly said, “Vivien, if you don’t go to sleep soon, I’m going to be in a very bad mood.”

The next night, my stepson is here, which means Rex is in our room. Well, forget it, you can’t sleep train when the baby smells you. They are like wild animals. So that night was a waste. The next night back into Oliver’s room (aka, where Rex sleeps when Oliver is elsewhere). Went better. I fed him twice in the night and didn’t jump up at every little cry and gurgle. I have noticed allowing him to cry for a few minutes at bedtimes does help him stay asleep longer.

The next night, again the room was occupied with a teenager who doesn’t need to be part of sleep training an infant, so I put Rex down in the play room (and by that, I mean the space off the kitchen). ┬áBut we had noticed he had a little runny nose, so I was not tough loving it. I was jumping up and holding him to me when I thought he need it. Or when I did.

I think between the cold and him getting shots tomorrow, I can’t pull another feeding from him this week, right? Shouldn’t I wait a few days? That’s what I think. And I’m not that busy this week so I think I can sack up and do it.

Sleep training can resume on Saturday.

9 thoughts on “Sleep Travails

  1. Hang in there, Daphne, and try not to get too discouraged with the sleep thing. I have 3 kids (10-3 yrs) and I have had times when I thought that I would never have another full night’s sleep ever again…know that everything is a phase, and someday (hopefully soon for your sake!) Rex will sleep through the night. It is definitely more difficult to sleep train a younger child (since you don’t want to wake up the older one!). My only advice would be to stretch him a bit at night – don’t run in at the first whimper – even when he is in your room, don’t go immediately to him (even though it is difficult). Good luck!

  2. Thanks Sharon. just came back from his doctor visit and she said pretty much the same thing. And get your husband to go it and doesn’t matter which room he is in, just not yours. she also said hold off on sleep training till his little cold is gone, which what my mommy heart was telling me.

  3. Your mommy heart knows your boy best. Yes, absolutely hold off on the sleep training till baby boy is feeling better. There’s no feeling in the world like the one where only you can comfort your child, and it’s you that makes him feel better. I used to just love picking up my guys when they were babies, and hearing their audible sigh of relief that it was me holding them. Just loved it.

  4. By the Way!!! Have been using Mark’s new cookbook every night…I LOVE IT! I sat down and read it like a book, it is so interesting how there is a reason for doing what you need to do in the kitchen. It’s not just recipes, it’s like cooking classes. I love it, and now I’m hooked on his style…going to check out the other books to see if they’re written in the same, warm style, also.

    Great job, just great. THANK YOU! for not just another book of recipes sitting in my kitchen. This is one that is getting used. Have had it since 9/24, and it’s still open on the table…

  5. Alexandra that is so nice. I am going to show Mark this comment. If you bought it on Amazon could you leave a review like this on the Amazon site? That would be awesome.
    I am so glad it is helpful. I think the pictures are beautiful. that was really important to him. I said I don’t use cookbooks that don’t have pictures and he took less of an advance to get that photography in there.
    his other books were written with his ex. one of which is out of print. I have some sitting in my garage. You are such a loyal cool momer I would happily send you them. send me your address at “contact us”.
    and yes, love comforting my babies!

  6. Always listen to the mommy heart!

    Since I had surgery, I’ve not been able to hold Moanna or really play with her the way I want to. We also have to have her stay the night with other people because I can’t be alone with her and Steve has to be out of town for work. She’s digressed on her potty training. She also looks at me and goes, “Mommy, you don’t look well. Let me put you down for a nap.” SHE’S TWO! There is something wrong with this picture.

    So despite some people’s opinion, we are sending Mo to be with Steve’s parents for a few weeks. I can recover without having to be on mom duty, and Moanna can be in a happy stable environment. She’ll go camping, and make cookies and all kinds of fun things.

    Some people think it will hurt her more, but I know in my mommy heart that it is what she and I both need.

  7. Grrrrrr. Sleep training. Avery is 5 and we’re still dealing with sleep issues. Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out – something new happens.

    I remember when Avery was a baby – she would only sleep with one of us holding her and, of course, I held her – nearly 24 x 7. I felt like I had extra mommy guilt at the time because she was in the nicu for 4 weeks and I couldn’t hold her all the time. After 6 months of sleeping sitting up on the couch – I finally talked to her Pediatrician who suggested that she sleep in our bed. Which for most people would be insane – but for us was incredible! We had one of those co-sleepers and she slept soundly nearly all night long. The doc said that it had something to do that Avery would mimic the “mommy” sleeping? I don’t know..sounds crazy – but whatever it was – it worked. After that I read the Baby Whisperer. Great book! I couldn’t go for the “let it cry” thing and this book really helped. By 8 months she was sleeping in her crib for atleast most of the night. I must say – I generally give in if she wants to sleep with us – someday I’m sure it’ll bite me in the A**. But, she’s only little once.

    P.S. After Alexandra’s review of your husband’s cookbook- I think I’ll have to try it out. I definately need a cookbook that teaches me HOW to cook and not just a list of ingredients.

    Good Luck with the sleep training – the only right way is YOUR way.

  8. Ahhhhh… sleep training. Woe is you. Woe is me. Well, not really. I think I’m almost back to sleeping again (after sick, then teething, then family in town). It’s a process.

    Totally… nurse. Especially for ramping up to immunizations. I do think the comfort that comes with nursing alleviates the anxiety in baby’s psycological and biological response.

    Gotta catch-up on your stuff. I get so caught-up in my days lately, what with an almost 3 yr old and an almost 1 year old.

    Glad to see you are well, even if sleep deprived!!

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