16 thoughts on “Crazy Kinder Moms

  1. This is the stuff I love to have out there! I think we’d all be alot happier if the crazy truth about some people would be brought out for all of us to say,” …hey, I knew it couldn’t just be me that thought she was a nut job.”

    Oh, yeah, crazy moms…there is NO shortage. Love it when you out these people, Daphne…they are so cuh-razee.

    BTW, your hair up makes you look so young. You are adorable, hair up or down: but you’ve got the face made for an updo.

  2. My son just started Kindergarten, and whooo boy! There are some super crazy intense moms. All up in it, practically fist fighting each other over who can volunteer the most. We have two younger children too. So this is our first taste of the craziness. I don’t know if I am gonna make it! This video is so funny:)

  3. Ahahahaha!!! This is so funny I had to watch it twice!

    I always love it when I’m witness to someone who inspite of themselves can’t keep their shit together. And out the crazy comes at some awkward moment which no-one will ever forget and will probably talk about for years to come.

    It’s moments like these that make you wish you had a video camera to capture the insanity!!

  4. Yep there are some nutters out there. But hey, what is with these schools scheduling marathon graduations for PRESCHOOLERS!!! They need to cut the crap. Have each class do a little thing for their parents only,. Give the K-gartners something special just for them. Leave the rest of us out of your love fest.

    Back to the nutters – this is one of the reasons I am glad I work (part time) it keeps me away from the crazies who maybe make these events more than they need to be. Good news, it does seem to level off a bit in grade school. There are those moms who run the school (fine, go for it) and those of us who still volunteer on our own terms, and everyone seems to be happy with their chosen role.

    Oh, and extreme parenting does have a show — it’s called ‘toddlers and tiaras.”

  5. so glad I made you all laugh. I had fun doing this. I meant to do it months ago, but lack of sleep pushed it out of my mom brain.
    Yes, Stanz, totally agree about long graduations for kiddos. We were going to pass the whole thing, but the problem is our kid-with their class- is learning a couple of songs so 1) we think, oh, that will be cute and 2) will she be bummed if she doesn’t sing with her class? I probably could have bagged it.
    From what I understand many parents ask for such a ceremony. I don’t know why.

  6. my head is swelling! great do, thin, excellence… aw shucks!

    I did just lose 2 and half more pounds. My goal is 10 by the end of the year, so that means 7 and 1/2 more.

  7. And THAT is why I homeschool.

    . . .

    Not really, but I like to say that 😛

    It does remind me of my five year old recital. Apparently my younger brother had the most explosive diarrhea in the history of infant diaper blowouts and not only covered my grandfather (sitting next to my mother who was holding him) but the person on the other side of my grandfather.

    It has gone down in the annals of our family history: Ian’s epic shit at my ballet recital. I wore a yellow costume with feathers. Blow-out boy was photographed in later years with our youngest brother who was clad in my three year old ballet recital costume.

    Photographs remain blackmail material.

  8. Well I DO homeschool and let me tell you, nut job Moms are in no short supply here. I think alot of people are put off by the turbo-Christians but in reality, Mom-extremism just gets a pass. That’s when I just try to shield my baby from “the crazy ladies” and escape with my life!
    Love ya Daphne, you’re my favorite liberal!

  9. LOVE it. My own Kindergartener watched the video with me and when you got to the part with the freak-a-zoid yelling mom, Ben said, “Woah. Mom. That is DANGEROUS. Those kids shouldn’t go back in. That girl was yelling and not being nice. If she wanted them to come in, she should have asked nicely.” Ah, clarity from a 5 year old.

    Here’s to more dramatic reinactments.

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