The Neglecterzizer

Thank heavens for it!

When Vivien was a baby we had a hand me down exersaucer. It was a bit sun bleached, some of toys were missing, but it still use to buy me time to throw food in my mouth or pee. I recently asked Mark to get me a saucer. He came back with a little seat that rolls. Yeah, okay, good for 2 to 3 minutes. But I knew it was the saucer-baby-prison I needed. Not all hunks of plastic are created equally. Somewhere in China my perfect baby activity center awaited.

I needed a prime neglecterzizer. I almost bought one when I was birthday shopping for Viv, but the $90 price tag made me pause. A few weeks ago, my sister Cecily called that she was in a hand-me-down kids shop, and there were some nice ones. Not all beat up or ghettozizer like Vivien’s had been.

So, voila, $55 later, look at how happy Rex is in it. The other day he was happily playing away in his office for 15 minutes.

Almost long enough to take a nap.

10 thoughts on “The Neglecterzizer

  1. oh daphne, you made me about spit out my coffee on that one! neglecterzizer… perfect! my little one is only 2mos old, so i’ve still got time, but i expect i’ll be prowling the consignment shops and craigslist for a similar item in a few months.

  2. What a cute snapshot that is of Rex! Those cheeks probably tempt every grandma at the grocery store to pinch them :)
    Baby stuff is crazy expensive. Just yesterday I was about to order a pair of $55 Stride Rite shoes online for my munchkin when I had a moment of clarity and told myself to get in the car and have some fun at the local thrift store. It was fun to be on a teasure hunt and I did find a pair of super cute Stride Rite shoes from last season in perfect condition for $2.99!!! Of course I also found some pom poms for her cheerleader halloween custom, a set of mini tart dishes that I’ve been wanting and some vintage Christmas decorations to die for in a $1.99 bag. I had a lot of fun and felt good about it too. I don’t know about you but I just enjoy the stuff more when I know I didn’t break the bank to buy it.

  3. funny you should say that Amy, I just noticed the other day there is a very nice goodwill store nearby I need to troll. yes, the other problem with spending that amount for shoes online is they may not fit. I got Viv some shoes she loved..but they gave her blisters!

    Wendy, I gave up on Craigslist. at least around here there are too many weirdos on it.

  4. Oh, goodwill stores in California!! I practically live for my once a year Thanksgiving excursion out to Cali. My inlaws live in LaJolla, and I cannot even begin to tell you what is given away to those stores. All just sitting and waiting for me to come and bring home.

    Let’s just say, I come back a pretty sassy dresser when we return to my little town in Wisconsin, pop. 10,000.

  5. Alexandra, where in WI are you from? I live in Sparta. It’s nice to see other people from Wi on these blogs! Maybe WI isn’t as backwards as I feel it is at times…

    I love reading all of your posts, Daphne. I’m due with my first any day now and have used your site to help prepare me for what I’m in for! Yikes!
    Thanks for your honesty – I am sure I will be re-watching all of these videos in a few months with a whole new level of appreciation!

  6. Love it, but we called ours the ‘poopercizer’ because nine times out of ten, when she was in it, she would have an explosive diaper and we’d literally have to hose the thing off!
    Oh and I love the ‘rerun’ shop(kids resale) in our town….
    in this economy it’s essential.
    As always, love your blog!

  7. I think that’s the exact same saucer that my daughter grew out of in like a minute! (Thank god we get a load of hand me downs from my niece who’s a year older)… A little tip – since the settings for volume on mine were a bit wonky.. a little scotch tape over the speaker and we were good to go!

    I wish I’d known about CA consignment shops while we were there… though with a toddler running around who knows if we would have had the time anyhow?!


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