Look Familiar?

You have served your kids dinner, and you are so TIRED that instead of making something for yourself you FINISH what is on their plates before you clean them and call it a day. Yes, I’m married to a chef, but 5 to 6 nights a week it’s real world around here. And dang it, homemade chicken tenders, leftover pasta, and day old green beans, not bad, not bad at all.

Note the cider donut mix. My friend Ella just brought that back to me from Vermont. She swore they were good, and I was wondering how different they could be from regular donuts.

I have a new project.

3 thoughts on “Look Familiar?

  1. I admitt it… I do the same damn thing. Who has the time, or energy, to make two different meals? I eat at the same time as my 14 month old and due to time constraints and the fact that my husband isn’t home yet, I just make something for myself that she can eat too. I eat a lot of finger food and stuff that doesn’t require a full set of teeth. Here’s the thing I’ve just realized however… I snack at night after she’s in bed whereas I didn’t used to be a nightime snacker. I think it’s because what I had for dinner wasn’t satisfying.

  2. Cider donuts, when made properly, are very different from regular donuts. But you must put the granulated sugar/cinnamon mix on the outside of them right after they come out of the fryer! And load it on.

    Good ones are terrific, but others are just so-so. Hope yours come out tasty.

    And I’ve finished plenty of kids meals. My kids are 8,10 and 12 and some nights it still happens, especially when my husband is out of town. Leftover frozen fish filet? Nobody’s going to eat that tomorrow. Nine lima beans? Might as well eat that, too. There’s only a scoop of this mac and cheese left, I’ll just eat that out of the pot. Sigh. Fortunately, it’s not as often as it used to be.

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