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  1. HAHA!
    As an ex-Disney cast member (fancy Disney-ism for ’employee’) I can say I have seen those parent’s faces when they came out of the park. I’ve also seen parents taking newborns to the park (YES, YOU READ RIGHT, NEWBORNS) in 95-degree-humid-as-hell Florida weather…my question is: WHY?

    My daughter is 15 months old, and I do plan to take her to Disney…but not until she’s older (meaning 6 or 7 not 3..LOL). It’s just another experience I’d like for her to have. Same as with the zoo, museum, etc. Disney for me was special when I visited it throught my life, and it was special still while I was working there. So, for the love of special memories (once she’s older), I’ll take her.

  2. I have seen the most hilarious moments between couples at Disney Parks.

    It’s the true test of compatibility/ willwemakeit-ability.

    I think that before a couple marries, they should be made to go to Disney together.

    I have seen grown men throw ice cream cones at their own wives, I”ve seen wives yell “you’re the one with the map!!!” and I’ve seen men just rip up pamphlets and say, “I’m done..done…”

    I love watching these things. It never fails, every time we go, it happens.

    My husband and I are able to do it happily b/c he goes with the 2 older ones on all the rides they want, I stay with the little guy and do the mild rides I like. We meet for meals, and then again at the end. Works well.

  3. Although I have taken my child there (she is 2) I didn’t pay for it, we were signed in by friends. Until our children are old enough to actually have fun and remember it we will not pay for it. And that goes for any amusement park.

    We know a lot of couples with young children who go constantly but they go because they have season passes and have been Disney fanatics all their lives. They can go in for just an hour or two and be good.

  4. Gotcha 🙂 If the child is old enough to appreciate and keep it together they are old enough to go. Live in BC Canada and Disney Land is a destination vacation, did it last March.

    Also do the fair in our old hometown every August. As they get older they appreciate them more. Or not. But my kids do 🙂

  5. Lost the will yo live! lol Hell i feel that at least 5 times a day, but then I have 2 small boys and I have been told there is a special place in heaven for mothers of boys. So I guess a good rest will happen one day.. Still I’ll be saving the big amusement park days for the teenage years..” Here’s $40 bucks knock yourselves out..I’ll be by the pool!”

  6. I’m with you. And that’s precisely why we didn’t go to Disneyland when we came to CA. At $70 per ticket, we thought it was ridiculous for a 19 month old, aside from the fact that she isn’t even INTO disney just yet – we got a few dirty remarks from friends about it – but all in all I’m glad we didn’t do it. We did try out Sea World, and that went well – though she liked the aquariums less than the live animals which was unexpected and her favorite event of the day – CHASING A PIGEON across the park! Priceless!

    Frankly, not doing it again until she’s a little bigger – she likes the pool and beach better anyhow.

  7. taking a baby is a wack a doodle move. We can knock ourselves out taking our kids to places that sap us and they would have been as happy with something much simpler and where better food could be procured. I did recently take Vivien to Lego land which is more human scale, it wasn’t super hot and the food was edible.
    but, the zoo at 9months? I now think I was crazy. She was more excited with a cardboard box.

  8. We spent a small fortune when our older 2 were 5 and 8 to take them to Disney. They were overwhelmed, and both begged to go back to the hotel to swim in the ‘cement pond’!

  9. They need to beg for a few more years. At 4 and 7 I still think they are too young to justify the price of Disney! We did take them to a small local amusement park and they loved it. The big stuff can wait.

  10. You know we’ve been taking my two little ones every year…once twice in the year to the zoo. It’s just become kind of a tradition for the boys & their grandparents since they live so far away and their grandpa loves to take them. It’s great b/c they get to walk around or ride their strollers…and they still remember getting a chance to feed the Giraffe. It really is worth it. Especially with a good camera! =) Now if the place doesn’t have any hands on stuff they can do, I don’t think it would be worth it.

    try a science center. Those are always cool.

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