Trick or Treat

Not that long ago Halloween meant two things to me. Either stay at home and watch TV while I gave out a little candy or get some really slutty, fun costume on and go to a party. The best outing in that incarnation was 1999 at a party in Oakland as a naughty doctor. It was lousy with athletes who had gone to Cal (sigh, brief staring off into space as I think about those bodies flirting with me and asking for a check up. sigh). A friend of mine is one of the owners of Trashy Lingerie.  They have great stuff, and if you are so inclined to be a hot mommy, you can order online.

One of these days I will slip on my naughty gas station attendant or whatever, but not when I’m walking my daughter around the hood. So, what does a mother wear and not embarrass herself or her family? I think I came up with it.

14 thoughts on “Trick or Treat

  1. How in the heck did you get your hands on that Kate Gosselin wig?? They’ve been sold out in stores here for months!

    I think you actually pull it off quite well!

  2. i burst out laughing before i even started the video, wondering what you were up to. then i read your blurb and watched the vid and waited… and then yes, the punch line!

    sarah, i’m betting you could easily chop, er, style any ol’ blondish wig into looking like kate G.

  3. I like how the wig manufacturer CAN’T use Kate Gosselin’s name or *anything* having to do w/ the J&K “brand” *w/out* paying *her* royalties. So they call it the “8 Kids Is Enough” wig. That must *really* stick in her craw. Muah hahahaha Good.

  4. OMG I love that wig!!
    Although, didn’t she get some sort of “hair makeover” when she was a guest co-host at ‘The View’???? It didn’t last long I think since she’s back to her backwards mullet look.

    Maybe THAT’S what’s bringing the big bucks…

  5. the View makeover looked like some dippity do, it was nothing.
    You know I did think it didn’t look half bad. We ( the make up people at TVG) went and bought a similar wig, kind of Joey Heatherton, for those who remember her. Then they out it on me and cut. glad you guys enjoyed.

    suze orman, oh I could do that. she is fun to parody.

  6. Just pair it with the ridiculous over-inflated Octomom lips and you’re good to go. I both can and can’t believe Jon and Nadya would participate in this. Ah, I guess ANYTHING to extend that 15 minutes of fame, eh? 😉

  7. Ahh no! You are that annoying, selfish, self serving woman who has whored her children out to TLC for the past 5 years! Completely P whipped and abused her husband on national television. Making the show not about the 8 kids but how Bitchy she would be that week! The woman who is sad to see the gravy train ending! KHate I believe her name is :)

    But not to worry, she hopes to be in MOVIES soon!


    Great wig :)

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