Rolling Over

Hi developmental milestone! I knew you’d be visiting a lot. You are here so much lately I’m going to have to make you a bed on the couch. Rex is eating chicken and rips out my hair with abandon. It’s good it’s so thick, or I’d be calling myself spotty head.

And here he is rolling over for the first time… well second. First time I didn’t have the camera ready.

5 thoughts on “Rolling Over

  1. Oh, what yummy pictures!! I love how the second one just shows how surprised Rex is that he can do this…Something about the imp in his eyes tell me he is going to figure out how much fun this is real soon!!

  2. Yes, I do! Thanks for being nice about my Rex. love the “imp” in his eyes!
    No wonder we always think our kids are great. We knew them when they couldn’t roll over so every thing they do going forward makes them seem like geniuses.

  3. Yay… love it!
    They are little geniuses… from being a little blob, when they are born, to achieving many amazing feats in co-ordinating their arms and legs in the first number of months, it’s mind boggling…. and there are so many more to come.. love it :)

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