Other Parents

The topic of OTHER PARENTS has been coming up more and more in my life. As our kids start to form their own friendships outside of our control it looms larger. How do you deal with ¬†OTHER PARENTS? And isn’t great when your kids friends also has parents that you like? Sigh, now that is love.

11 thoughts on “Other Parents

  1. I so hear you. Why can’t my daughters hang out with my friends daughter?? Why do they hang out with a mother I cannot relate to and frankly find completely intimidating with her wonderfulness?!?

  2. I will never understand that. It seems like the people I know I”d like, and that I”m on the same page with, are so far from me.

    I know I’d love seeing you and doing things with you, Daphne, but I”m 60 states away.

    All I have around here are condescending, narrow minded, intolerant small town moms. Who only like women who are EXACTLY like them and THINK like them.

    It gets sad, sometimes. Thank you, Jesus, for the internet!

  3. P.S. We all love Rex in this house! We watch him, that fierce look of determination on his face, he WILL get that little toy on your lap to work, with God as his witness!

    He’s so much like you and Mark, Daphne, unstoppable!

  4. I was worried about this a bit when my oldest started school, but then I just went about my school socializing acting as if no one would have a problem with my partner (who’s female) or my politics or anything else… and it’s worked out well. Sure, some folks aren’t interested in chattin’ me up, but i’ve not encountered any direct negativity. But, I am blessed with being in a liberal town, with lots of folks living far more edgy “lifestyles” than we are.

  5. Now, a question for YOU Daphne (and the other moms that see this too): Would I be a bad mom if I don’t want to host a playdate at my house if it’s more that 2 kids???? LOL I’ll happily go elsewhere!

  6. Alexandra, I bet I “talk” to you more than most of my friends nearby. such is life. Glad Rex has so many fans, bless.

    Good for you Wendy, being yourself. f– if they can’t take it.

    Frances, oh, a play space or park sounds like a good idea. Also if it’s even one kid and they are a handful I’d have it elsewhere or you will be stressed about them smashing china. I think it’s also good to have it elsewhere so if you feel the need to flee you can. You are not a bad mom. My sister always did her playdates in a park.

  7. Ok, oops! Sorry for the double comment there. I thought the first try didn’t went through, but apparently it did. Daphne, feel free to delete whichever one.

  8. Thankfully my child has only been exposed to our friends kids, so she doesn’t have a choice of who her friends are. Thankfully the little tykes get along well. I know the day will come when she makes friends with someone who has parents we’ve never met, or know and just don’t enjoy being around.

  9. ohhhh MY i’m gonna have a tough time with this.

    so many cray-crays out there and i just know my soon-to-be-born bebe will want to be friends with their babies.

    it’s one of the reasons i’m happy to say in overpriced san francisco for the time being. while everyone’s just a little too spoiled for me long term, at least we agree on gay marriage/free healthcare/insert liberal cause.

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