6 thoughts on “Falling for Fall

  1. ooooh, babylegs! i think i have those exact ones on order for my little one (found ’em severely discounted on ebay!). the argyle is so dapper on mr. rex.

    about autumnal dressing… since we’re in that kind of clothes pretty much sept thru may, it’s not all that exciting around here, at least for me. rain, rain and more rain up here in western washington!

  2. I live in Australia and spent Sunday cruising the zoo with my Husband & 3 boys, it was about 30 degrees celcius and it isn’t even summer yet. I swear each year I dislike the heat a fraction more than the previous year.

  3. Daphne, I am another daphne, and I apologize for the comment above mine. I have an internet stalker, and he thinks you are me at the moment, because we have the same name. He’s not very bright, and that makes him even creepier.

    I am taking all of the information I have to our local and state police this week and have already filed a complaint with the FBI website IC3 – Internet complaints. If it’s any consolation, he’s broken a few laws and will most likely be prosecuted.

    As you can see, he’s got a thing for little girls, and he’s been booted from quite a few forums for pedophile remarks.

    Feel free to contact me and the email on my comment, and again, I’m really sorry that you have been contacted by this sicko. He’s genuinely, mentally ill.

    Daphne Shorts
    Washington state

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