Water Cooler

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This is how desperate I get for light conversation with an adult: I watch my own vlogs for company. Hey, it’s someone I agree with! But it’s not just moms who find working from home a tad lonely.

My friend Heather produces the Dr. Dean Edell show (my old job) from her apartment in San Francisco. But she is a social animal. She thinks work parties are fun, so it’s a crime that she no longer partakes in that. Not to mention all the cute outfits she doesn’t put together and because there are no people to compliment her on it. We have “The Office” to show the tedium of work life, but since we are social creatures, there are worse fates than making fun of your boss.

Who do you chat with at home?

8 thoughts on “Water Cooler

  1. I chat with talk radio, like Dr. Dean Edell. Not on the phone, I just talk to the speakers. pathetic.

    I love your blog, but the vids load reeeeeaaaaalllllyyyy slooooooowly for me.

  2. Some days the walls close in a little tighter than others. All I can say, is THANK HEAVEN FOR THE INTERNET!!! When I first stopped working in a real estate office (all people – all the time) and staying home, I found myself role-playing with the soap stars. Pathetic!! I found a little of myself in each character. I’m especially grateful to have found your site now days. Who’d a thought I wasn’t so insane, it wasn’t just me?

  3. Since I’ve been on vacation the little voices in my head have started to really get opinionated. You know, the ones who will continue to chatter until you find yourself hyperventilating. Shut up voice, yes I know my desk is going to punish me for taking off two weeks, but can’t you just keep it to yourself until I walk back in the office?

    Bring on the adults so that the voices in my head are too shy to say what’s on their mind.

  4. Let’s see… years ago Regis and Kathie Lee were my best friends for a while. Then Rosie O’Donnell made me laugh a lot and I enjoyed talking back to her. Somewhere in there we finally got ourselves online at home and I had many conversations with ebay sellers.

    Early on, when I was out of the house, I’d listen to Dean Edell (so I immediately felt like I knew you when I learned you were THAT Daphne). Dean was always smart and fun to listen to. And I spent a lot of time with the crowd at NPR, too.

    Now I have some kids that can actually carry a conversation from time to time, about things I might actually want to talk about. And I’ve been lucky enough to cultivate a few great pals who I can connect (and drink) with.

    Still, I love the bloggers I read. The ones I connect with (like you, Daphne) feel like they’re great friends. That’s why we read them. Still hard to explain to those who aren’t blog familiar about this “friend” you “know” who said this or that…but it beats going bonkers.

  5. Hey Jean, Love when people say, “are you That Daphne?” lvoe it! No wonder I gave him a years notice when I left. Well, that and it’s fun to work in real time and he was and is my second dad.
    Yes, exactly. Big part why I wanted to do cool mom.

  6. LOL you’re too funny Daphne. I used to work in an office also before staying home after having my kids but I do not miss it at all. I hate small talk and I was kind of the one that kept to myself. I have actually realized that when I go back to work I don’t want to go to an office. I HATED the parties LOL. Mostly because I don’t really celebrate much but also because it was so hypocritical most of the time. I only participated in a baby shower for a co-worker that I really liked.

    Now that my kids are a little bigger (my daugther is 3 and in preschool and my son will be two in January) I can go do lunch with girlfriends or do more of my volunteer work so the isolation is getting less which is great. I also try to visit new moms as often as I can because I know how lonely it can get.

  7. What social deprivation? Doesn’t everyone have a best friend named Ellen, like I do?

    Ellen talks to me everyday, and wants to know how I am. She is always so happy to see me, and dances for me just to make me laugh. She introduces me to all her Hollywood friends, and always thanks me for coming, and tells me she can’t wait to see me tomorrow.

    I am doing just fine. at home. alone. Waiting for my friend Ellen.

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