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Vivien was a champion nurser. We were a good team. She could latch on anywhere and stay there long enough for me to watch almost an entire Law and Order. I did my part as I took the whole year off to just be her mom. We had no money worries; we lived in a nice place so it was easy to be a nursing mom. I wasn’t having to find a quiet moment in a cubby at work to pump. I was lucky. I just got the phone, the remote, a glass of water and hunkered down with my girl on the couch and watched TV. Sometimes I read, but that was a little trickier.

For some reason for months Law and Order was my favorite nursing show. For one thing it’s always on some cable channel, and I also Tivoed a few of them. I knew Vivien would at least get me to the part where Sam Waterson takes over as the D.A.

So this video is about something that always bugged me about the show. I want to know if you ever noticed this as well.

And by the way, I don’t like the new cast. No charisma. No one cute like Benjamin Bratt or Chris Noth or with the personality of Jerry Orbach. And Special Victims Unit, forget it. It’s always about kids.

Rex is not as hard-core about nursing as Vivien. So, with him I try for a segment on Hardball.

10 thoughts on “Law and Order

  1. i’ve been doing a lot of nursing to Law & Order, because there does always seem to be an episode on! My fave is Criminal Intent. And yes, i’ve wondered about how blase people are when the detectives show up. Maybe because of the density of people as compared with us west coasters, it’s just more common to have cops around questioning people. When you have 300 neighbors w/in a 2 block radius, as opposed to maybe 20, it’s likely that you’re going to come across more crime, and more cops.

  2. So, I’m chuckling here about the urine running down your leg. As I type this, a cop has pulled into my neighbor’s driveway and I’m wondering if I’m in trouble. For what, I don’t know, but I definitely get your point.

    I love Law & Order. I disagree with you, however, about the charisma of the cops on now. Though Jeremy Sisto may not be as traditionally hunky as, say, Brad Pitt, I adore him. My affection/attraction probably comes from his days as mentally unstable Billy on Six Feet Under, which is pretty telling, isn’t it? Maybe my taste is a little… off, but I’m just not one for pretty boys, so I’d take him over Benjamin Bratt any day.

  3. Oh Benjamin Bratt-come back!!

    I L.O.V.E LOVE LOVE LOVE MAJORLY LOVE all of the Law and Orders. Criminal Intent, SVU, and the original. (I however, did not appreciate the short stint of Trial by Jury-good call getting rid of that one).

    I don’t nurse but I spend a lot of time feeding the twins and there is a lot of Law and Order watched, as well as Criminal Minds and Cold Case in case you want to try something else.

    I say to my husband a lot of the time “Jesse, why are these people not freaked out by the detectives at the door?? I think I would cry if a homicide detective showed up here!”

    Great minds think alike Daphne!

  4. I don’t know how anyone can watch SVU. Well, except for Christ Melloni, meow!

    Glad I’m not the only one that’s noticed how unreal that is. Bugged me for years.

  5. Ahh too funny! When I join hubby who catches the odd show I find the intense need to MOCK almost everything said. Soooo calm, dramatic and unrealistic! Great fun :)

  6. I have had the exact same thoughts about the people questioned by the detectives. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen them look all bored and frustrated them and then exasperated, say “Are we done here?”. Hilarious!


  7. Yeah it’s the same way on Criminal Minds…my favorite show. But you know watching too many episodes has seriously made me extremely paranoid!!! I’m always scared at night someone will break in and…..well….I won’t go into details but it’s too scary to be home alone.

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