6 thoughts on “Another Sacrifice

  1. DITTO, MY DEAR! Even casual sex with the hubby (a.k.a. “let’s do it right now on the kitchen floor”) goes down the toilet too….oh, wait…….that’s spontaneous sex……….well, that goes down the drain too..LOL

    Have you seen the “teething necklaces” for moms…they’re about $25-30 and they’re pretty cute…I never had one so I can’t recommend/not recommend. Then again who the heck needs yet ANOTHER piece of jewelry to worry about!

  2. daphne — those chairs are AMAZING where/who are they from?

    topically, right on! I was so excited when my youngest out grew all the pulling and chewing, and I could revisit my jewelry box.

  3. Jasmine, love you. I need to put that on a biz card. I need a business card.

    The chairs are a dear treasure of my husband’s. By a recently departed woodmaker.

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