I’m an Abused Mom

I don’t want to show you my face. It’s too embarrassing. But right there you can see the red blood gash left by my wild nine mouth old. There are two more cuts like that on my nose and two more on my forehead. If it wasn’t for concealer, I couldn’t walk outside. But concealer cannot conceal the shame I feel for allowing it to happen. I know, don’t blame the victim. But I could have tried hard to trim his nails. I could always try to hold him facing out.

But no. I like to look at his beautiful face. And then… and then, that’s when it happens. He screams gleefully and lunges for my face. Sometimes he digs into my lip. We aren’t talking chimp level, but these little nicks are adding up.

I don’t want to leave the house.

I don’t want to admit that I let it happen every day. Several times a day.

Call me an enabler, but I love him.

12 thoughts on “I’m an Abused Mom

  1. My daughter loved to laugh and throw herself backward at me until one day she did it so hard that she broke my nose! So I am standing up and saying I am an abused mom as well.

  2. My son gave me a black eye with his big giant head when he was one. Now that he is 7, he loves this story. No pain no gain I guess.

  3. I’ve always felt that a mother beaten unconscious by her infant would make for a great CSI episode. My little guy use to swing his noggin around with such force that it would knock me into walls.

  4. My 20 month old daughter arches her head so hard right back into my sternum/chin that you’d think she’d start wailing – but no – MOMMY needs an icepack!

  5. SO GLAD to hear it isn’t just me. Connor crawled up and bit me right on the nose the other day (while he was giggling). I’ve never been so happy I needed to bite someone. That is real emotion!

  6. I’ve been *lucky* so far and the love injuries my son gives have been sustained by my hubby. The most severe has been an eye infection from a scratch to the eye. $75 in copays and $50+ dollars in antibiotic eye drops later the hub is fine (and can see and all that jazz). So apparently I don’t clip finger nails nor do I clean them well…oops.

  7. it’s hard to clip their nails. best to do it while they sleep, but then I’m too pooped.
    When they reel back it’s scary. Rex just about flew out of my arms with one of those a few minutes ago

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