Momversation: How Do You Deal with a Public Tantrum?

Oh, who hasn’t walked in those shoes… a kid is having a full blown Exorcist meltdown in public.  How do you react if it’s your own and how do you react if it’s a strangers child?  In this I talk about my my dear friend Christine D. who comes to the aid of a mother’s on planes.  Sign, what a love.

Is there a tried and true method you employ?  Is it always out of left field or do you see it coming? Vivien and I just had an issue.  We ran to the mall to buy stuff for Mark’s bday and she was great.  Listening to mom ( as I had prepped her), staying within my sight, helping me with the purchases.  But, when we got in the car I would let her climb up and over the presents-which would have mashed them, through the front seat to the back, while four cars were idling waiting for our car to move so we could get out of there.  Suddenly, Beowulf appeared.

I was stunned, where did this come from? After a few minutes it was over and we were driving home, but I think I need some lozenges for my throat.

3 thoughts on “Momversation: How Do You Deal with a Public Tantrum?

  1. Kid tantrums? Piece of cake! Not worth stressing over.. really.

    Having worked with individuals (adults) with mental development disabilities for years who would exhibit all sorts of interesting behaviors and tantrums (the most lovely one was a woman who would projectile vomit when she did not get her way, or beat up a small child). Kids tantruming in a public place? Whatever, they all do it right?!

    By the time I had my kids and they threw their little fits I was completely blase about the event. Sure, you scream, yell and throw yourself on the floor but hey, Mommy is not buying into it. I will be in the next aisle 🙂 They learned fast that losing their shit had little effect and that was that. Being noticed in public for strange behaviors was just life for me working with the mentally disabled. Being noticed for a screaming KID was nothing!

    Everyone has had a child who lost it in public, we all know it is a somewhat natural human behavior. No need getting stressed about it I think. Stick to your guns and the occurrence of tantruming will decrease.

    That said, I always tried to let my kids nap, be fed and happy before I took them out in public. As a mom you get to know how their schedules go and know when you are pushing your luck (no nap/snack/lunch/sickies).

    It is a balance for sure but really, almost EVERY day I go out into the public and hear a little one lose their shit. Is it bothersome or traumatic? Hell no! So don’t worry so much when it is yours ok? 🙂

  2. Wow Thanks So much Amy for your comment!!!! Seriously!

    and Daphne, I had to totally agree w/ you on the bribing part…I mean this is why i like walmart—or anywhere w/ a fast food joint at the entrance. Grab the kids some chicken nuggets…Distract them the entire time. I like to GASP and divert their attention LOL. am I the only one who does that? LIke ” *Gasp*..Oh My gosh did you hear that!!??!?! I think I heard an Airplane” (With the wide eyes and everything!)

    I also like to pick up a few toys to put in the cart to let them play with (beats buying them and later on regretting it b/c they get tired of them so fast)

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