I’m So Tired, Part 2

That I can’t get the coffee in the pot. Look at that!  I didn’t have far to go.

But I have hope. Last night Rex slept through the night for the FIRST TIME IN HIS LIFE!!!!!  (Cue balloons, fireworks).

I didn’t sleep all the way myself. I woke up around 12 to check his breathing. But pretty exciting. I am hopeful that perhaps my marbles won’t be quite so scrambled.

I’ll be playing with a tight deck.

I’ll have enough loafs to make a pyramid.

Wait, these don’t make any sense. Okay… a few more nights, Rex, and then Mommy will be the sharpest tool in the fence.

Wait, that didn’t work did it?

5 thoughts on “I’m So Tired, Part 2

  1. Whoo hoo!! Picture me with party horns and confetti, celebrating for you! Hope this trend continues, then you’ll have one more thing to be thankful for on Thursday.

    Best wishes.

  2. I am so tired that my shirt was on inside out during morning errand running and it was not until lunch time that my friend who met up with us informed me of this.

  3. Yes, but did you see/hear? I was just watching TV and on came a Verizon commercial for some new phone and they showed it looking up a restaurant for “dinner reservations”, and that restaurant was Campanile. No kidding. That’s pretty awesome!

  4. AND I saw Mark’s book in a New Yorker ad — food issue natch. When I saw his name on the cover I actually said to my husband “OH I know his wife” But then I realized I don’t really know you… anyway I’m requesting it for Christmas — cause the 32 cook books I have are CLEARLY not enough!

  5. Jean, yes, that would be a good thing to mention.
    Julie, funny! I did that to a dress recently.
    Erin, yes, it was for a an i phone app. we saw it because we knew it was coming, but didn’t know if someone without a vested interest would notice. Glad you saw it.
    Stanz, I “talk” to you more than most of my flesh friends. And yes, you need this one as well!

    He hasn’t slept ALL though the night again, but even one wake up where he goes back down easily feels like a vacation.

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