Thanksgiving Doesn’t Suck as Bad as Christmas

Well, it’s true right? First off there is no gift giving. Also, when something is heavy on your heart, a break up, illness in the family, robbed of life savings, it always seems to feel heavier on Christmas. I always felt less is expected of me on Thanksgiving. Bake and eat and drink.

Last year was my favorite Thanksgiving ever. Here I am having a gay old time. We were in my dream house, and for the first time in my life I could play grown up. I had a big house and the means to host the dinner. I was expecting Rex, surrounded by friends and family, and very happy.  Content.

Well, now, my sister Carole is hosting again as she has the biggest house. But everyone is fine, so I can’t complain. It’s one day. Not a whole season with Christmas and its build up. But I did like when I was (for once) not the guest on Thanksgiving.

We’ll still play football before the dinner, and I will again host Turkey Trot Trivia, a game I have long played as dessert is consumed. I’m a game person and highly suggest a game for a mix of people. It’s bonding, and if you have people of different views it can be a nice way to channel discussion away from controversy and into American trivia. I have tchotkes for prizes.

Do you like Thanksgiving better or worse than Christmas or Hanukkah? Is it harder this year? Do you have any quirky traditions?

We always go around the table and say something we are grateful for. Other than the obvious being good health, I still maintain we should all be grateful for modern plumbing.

One thought on “Thanksgiving Doesn’t Suck as Bad as Christmas

  1. As far as hating the commercialism of Cmas I must say Thanksgiving is the easiest of the two…. It is a gracious holiday full of well.. thanksgiving..

    I do love Christmas as so many in our community celebrate and rejoice it.. the lights, movies and tv shows, teaching giving acts to the children (having children wrap darn near all presents! đŸ˜‰ A time when my family is most likely to get together and celebrate.

    What gets old is the stressors of Cmas and the complexities of giving. While I make most of the gifts I give (watercolors and spinning/weaving/knitting endeavors) there are many people out there spending wildly to buy gifts for all on their list. Most of us can buy whatever we want (within reason) let’s face it.

    What is truly refreshing is when someone donates to a great cause and does it in your name. Think about it, does that office mate really need another gift certificate to Starbucks or would the money be better spent with a great charity donation in their name?

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