Runaway Mom

Now, I don’t mean like that lady who did the old “oh, some black men have kidnapped me” bag o’ crap that nobody should have fallen for since that lady drove her kids in the lake using practically the same story. I mean come on lady, at least give credit to the balloon dad for originality. I’m thinking of a more lighthearted runaway situation. Like a half day at a spa. Or at least two hours reading a book at Coffee bean and tea leaf.

I’m sure I’m not the only one that has moments when you want to walk out the door unencumbered. My mom had a friend who did it for real. Left the 5 kids and the husband. Kind of ’70s thing I think. Course if I had 5 kids and no support I might bolt too.

I just want mini runaways. Because after a few hours I would miss my family. But, jeez, sometimes I’d like the chance to miss them.

11 thoughts on “Runaway Mom

  1. I just told my hubby last week I wanted to drive away – past work, and on to the second star on the right one day last week. He reacted like I had punched him in the gut. Seriously! The guy couldn’t even handle christmas tree shopping on his own with ONE kid last night. I get both every night while he’s at happy hour until 7pm.

    No, they don’t get it. If they did we’d have spa breaks built into our mommy schedules instead of Target runs.

  2. Well if that’s not a cottage industry waiting to happen — Mommynappers! — a service that arranges surprise spa days for unsuspecting moms. The only hitch is that someone (i.e. hubbies) would have to 1) be aware that moms NEED spa time and 2) pony up for the program.

    Great concept, not a lot of faith in market readiness.

  3. Sometimes you just have to say ENOUGH!! and GO. 🙂

    Escaped recently with hubby for 3 nights and it was divine. If he could not have made the time? Equally divine.

    Just DO IT! (Yeah, so totally not MY slogan but works for me).

  4. A shot of brandy, rum or kahlua in your coffee and not only are you caffinated you forget that you were tired and happily go on your mommy day with a smile. *lol*

  5. haha I told my husband once I wanted to go to one of these mom blogger conferences (my way of running away for a bit) but I knew I’d have to come back to change the little one’s bottom or have to take him too. If I took him there’d be no point in running away.

    Oh, even sneaking off into the bathroom isn’t allowed. You know the moment you get in there you are going to hear pounding and maybe some sceaming that Benji pulled Violet’s hair or Tommy needs changed, etc. Nope not even going potty can be done alone so don’t think running away even a minute works. Oh if you discover a way to schedule in a running away….please let me know.

    (by the way this is Eliza from Babylune)

  6. oh amy, now I feel bad. well, I didn’t leave! So that should be good. I do talk to her about needing mom time or mommy daddy time just as she sometimes asks for private time herself.

  7. thanks for the giggle, lady!
    for goodness sake daphne… your timing is ONCE AGAIN SPOT ON. haa!!
    we’ve been battling the cooties for a while (on and off- colds, ear infections, colds again, ear infections again… oh, save me!!) at my crib for 6 weeks. i’m spent. little sleep. cranky moods. my 3 yr old and 1 yr old are giving me a run for my money. haven’t slept more than 3 hours a night (and that’s cummulative, sister!!) in 5 nights. sleep depified. is that a word? probably not. i balme sleep dep. anyway, i’m so tired i haven’t even had the energy to goof-off on my favorite passtime (i.e., your blog).
    THANKS so much for the giggle.
    you frame mommy things like no other.
    today, you are my hero! love you!!

  8. my get-aways are saturdays 5:30 am coffee w/ the gals and hitting some yard sales…even if sometimes it’s just to find frames for all my pictures =) It’s da’ Bomb!

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