What’s With 4 o’ clock?

I really love spending the morning with my son. It’s easiest if Vivien is in school, but even if there is a day off, and I have both of them and no other adult around, I’m fine. I’m like, come on, look at these cuties! I love being with them!

UNTIL 4pm.

Sometimes I can feel that feeling coming on about 3:30. The voice inside of me that says, “Can someone else hold this kid for a minute?” I rarely have my spouse here at that time so that is why I use most of my nanny dollars for later afternoon early evening. And the strange thing is if I am alone with the kids at that time and strange thing happens, around 6:30/7p.m.


Of course it was hell when Vivien was colicky at that time. But they can be just as they have been earlier in the day, but I feel antsy, more anxious, and feeling of, “Why didn’t I make plans?” comes over me. Why didn’t we go over to my mom’s? Why didn’t I invite a friend for dinner? Why didn’t I post a neon sign on my front door asking for people to talk to me?

I’m lucky. In a pinch I can pack them up and go to their daddy’s restaurant. Not as easy with two, but I’ve done it, and it’s a life saver. I beckon a waiter, “Please talk to me.”

As much as I would love a big house, I can’t leave the urban density. Think I would feel more lonely.

Well, I guess I could live anywhere… till 4pm.

12 thoughts on “What’s With 4 o’ clock?

  1. I used to call the hours from 4-6pm the witching hours. The kids were cranky, I was cranky, dinner needed to be made, etc…

  2. I call the witching hours, 6-8am, this is when the older ones are getting up and ready for school. For everyone that has kids this is the hours they absolutely cannot get along and will fight about anything and everything.

    I love 8-9am, this is when it is just me and my youngest and we watch whatever movie of the day he pops in. The movie is normally the same for about a week or until I buy a new one that he likes.

  3. I HATE 4 pm!!!! I have a 5 yr old and an 18 month old. 4-5 pm is complete chaos at our house. If we are out somewhere, it is fine. And, just like you said, by 7:00 things are smooth again. But I think that has more to do with starting the bedtime routine and me knowing I only have to do it for one more hour!

  4. Around here the ‘arsenic hour’ is 5 to 6ish. I can remember when my first was a baby almost throwing her at my husband when he walked in the door. Now I’m just frantically rushing around, making dinner, yelling at people and praying for a break, which I usually get at abuot 11p.m.!

  5. Someone actually asked me to make our next product for the afternoon witching hours! We are starting to work on Day Dreamzzz, not for helping a child go to bed, but just creating a nice background environment. Toughest time of day in our house, by far, especially on the weekends.


  6. the product should be Nanny dreamz, or housekeeper dreamzz. Or my husband doesn’t need to be told things 3 times dreamzz. Just brainstorming!

    okay, so we all now know that every one else is stressed at this time. and of course this is when the 800 number calls asking you for money.

  7. oh, sorry I didn’t see this sooner to give you advice. will take a look. Okay, just watched. Good for you. You sounded intelligent, spoke well. The problem with the piece was not your fault. Just bad camera work, production. You were too far from the host. Those big couches are not good for TV, you should have been much closer . The audience could only see half of your face. Ideally, you’d be almost side by side ( notice where the guest are on Regis and Kelly and such. Right next to them.) You want to think of the camera as another person at a cocktail party that you must include in your discussion. The host is merely a vehicle to tell your story. But, with those angles, tough. I’d love to see you pull a flat iron through your hair next time you do TV and smile a little more.

  8. 6pm-8pm are my “Is it bedtime yet?” hours. However, I do agree with you Daphne, after 4pm I start getting a bit restless and wish my husband (or anyone) would magically appear to “rescue” me for at least an hour.

    I truly believe that if I lived in a year-round warmer climate I’d be happier…these months depress me! LOL

  9. Daphne,
    Just checking back into your site. thanks for the thoughts. They made a big deal before hand about looking at the interviewer, which was fine then, but watching it back at home seemed odd. So I see your point. Ahhh, my hair! I did use the straightener, then watched it back and said “what in the world is that?!?” I had some crazy part thing going. Anyway, thanks for the advice, I appreciate it. I’m now following you on twitter under smartdreamzzz, so hopefully I’ll catch wind of your new blog posts more quickly.


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