Hanging with Mr. Rex

I think one of the things that’s hard for new moms is suddenly your best buddy and constant companion has no reasoning and can’t form sentences (insert a hack joke about a husband here). Every nuance and development is so exciting. Granted one mother’s drooling child is just some annoying kid to someone else.

I find I am enjoying Rex’s baby ways a little more than I did with Vivien. I think it’s because I was still in the “HEY, what just happened to me?” mode with the first one. And I know each period will be done soon. So, here is a little slice of life with my BFF (well, until about 2 when I pick up my other BFF).

12 thoughts on “Hanging with Mr. Rex

  1. this has to be my fave of rex so far! my lil one (4mos last week) is just able to sit back up after bending in half to fondle/nibble her toes. i can’t wait til she can raspberry. the joy is catching… i’ve watched this three times already. 😀

  2. this is surely not another annoying child to this mother. he is adorable and I love that you aspire to teaching him farting noises.

    enjoy every minute.

  3. my little sweetie girl is one month younger than rex. she was my first c-section = ugh! but anyway, he is so charming and adorable. love it and thanks for sharing!

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