Momversation: Flippin’ Tired

I really loved the momversationalists in this. You Cool Mom viewers/readers started it when you kept adding on to my original “I’m so flipping tired..” with your honesty and humor. So I asked the panel to weigh in.

Sidebar, my makeup and lighting were good in this, but I know I was a tad tired as I didn’t have good jokes… sometime the brain is slower.

I was driving today thinking how now that I do get a bit more sleep than I had for most of 2009, I realize HOW tired I have been. Big things and small things have really fallen through the cracks, and I’m just now trying to attend to. Yet, I’m sort of amazed that any of us with little babies function at all, let alone how well we do.


4 thoughts on “Momversation: Flippin’ Tired

  1. I was once so filippin’ tired back when I was in the baby trenches I fell asleep at a stop sign while driving. Yeah, really unsafe! I turned right around and went home and told my husband what had happened. He went to the store and took the baby, I had a flippin nap!

  2. I was once so flippin’ tired after my first girl was born that when I finally managed to take a shower and actually shave my legs, I neglected to take the protective cap off the razor.

  3. wendy, I have done that many times!

    Kathleen, good your husband could step in. I could see that happening. I think our mommy protective side just inches over our dangerous to those around us side.

  4. My boyfriend (stay-at-home dad to our 9 month old and almost 3 year old) was so flipping tired the other night that he fell asleep on the couch while eating a Drumstick (ice cream, not chicken), and when he woke up all the ice cream had melted in his lap. When he told me about it the next morning all I could think to ask was “Who falls asleep eating ice cream?” Obviously dude needs a break.

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