8 thoughts on “Tiger Woods Woes

  1. This is so true… And the straw that broke the camel’s back for me is when they kept announcing that his mother-in-law was taken to the hospital because of who knows what… WHAT THE HECK DO I CARE????????????????? How is that news????

  2. Absolutely not important, irrelevent …..who the f**k cares?!?! Hey old Bill Clinton managed to survive erupting bimbos and would have survived the beret-wearing one better if he had not lied. Of course the spouse is mad, crushed…whatever, but the general public why would we care? We DON’T!

  3. Tiger seemed different and THE GUYS all rooted for him. Of course Michael Jordan seemed different too. And we know how that went.

    I guess it only matters because it’s another negative mark for guys in general.

  4. Oooooooooh you imagine if he was INDEED gay??!!! LOL
    Yeah, I’m with you, Daphne, I’m SO OVER the whole Tiger Woods thing…it’s pathetic..enough already!

    P.S. I WANNA LOVE ON REX!! He’s soo cute!

  5. Have never been a Tiger/golf fan but knew of his glowing sparkly boy reputation. Killer golf player with gorgeous blond wife and two gorgeous kids

    And about a dozen women he has fucked. Unprotected and behind his wifes back.

    Yeah, that bothered me.

  6. I’m with Amy. It’s fine to play the field, but why get married and pretend like you are such a great, faithful guy, when he’s with porn stars while his wife is pregnant? If she stays with him (I would never be able to, but to each her own), he should fall on his knees and thank his lucky stars every single day.

  7. She MUST leave him or she is a slut to his money.. No nice way to say it really.

    She would get tons to leave him now with the kids. Curious as to why she would stay with the bastard after all the indiscretions (fucking around) unless it is for more money.

    The man publicly humiliated her for the world to see not with ONE woman but over 10!

    Ellin, please grab some self respect and RUN from this man?!

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