Holiday Lights

There are so many things to examine at this time. Fruit cake is a comedy go to. Everyone has aspects of the holidays they like and others that set their teeth on edge. After we have all been through this routine so many times, is there anything left to enjoy?

Note: the camera I try to use use for most of my vids showed up with missing parts, so I had to use a more basic one with no detached mic. Thus the hissing quality in this video (and probably some more the next few weeks)

3 thoughts on “Holiday Lights

  1. i love it, too! i want every house to be sparkling.

    but did you find san fran was kind of pathetic in the way of xmas decorations? you’d think the crazy mansions in my ‘hood would step up and make a little renter-like-me’s day’s jolly but…not really.

    maybe they’re all just too eco-guilty?

  2. Daph….my new street is just such a street. Totally love it and went out and now my house fits in….complete with snowman all lit up on yard. Ava going nuts. Even put lights up around the fence so they reflect on the pool! I’m with you….the more the better!

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