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We are not only closing a year but a DECADE. And what a decade it was. Personally, it’s when I hung up my single skates and totally embraced a new life. Children, step-children, wife, blogger.

In terms of our country in ’01 we experienced the worst terrorist attack in US history, which took over 3,000 lives. And our response to this was entering two wars, spending hundreds of billions of dollars while vital services and schools go begging, and the loss of about 4,500 (went to a few websites to get numbers, but not sure how current) US soldiers’ lives. Wow, we sure showed them.

The latter can make me so depressed and/or enraged that I’d like to survey a different, less critical part of our past decade: fashion. On my show “The Fashion Team” we will be talking about hits and misses, so I had to do a little red carpet review ( how airs Sunday 20th at 7pm on TV Guide).

I wanted to ask you: What were the looks of the zeros? Not red carpet looks, but “normal folk” looks. I know it’s a little early to have perspective, but let’s make a stab at it. The ’80s: big hair, shoulder pads, unconstructed blazers. The ’90s: Melrose Place style, short skirts, vest, not heavy on adornment, Jennifer Aniston hair. Zeros: Uggs, return of leggings, bubble skirts, layered t-shirts. That was new one for ’00s. The long sleeve shirt showing untucked beneath another shirt and the mainstreaming of the flip-flop. That became more acceptable to wear in fair weather. The water bottle as not only an accessory but a borderline life support for some. Imagine we use to just wing it with water!

So, brainstorm, what looks jump out for you as being characteristic of the zeros?

4 thoughts on “Look of the Zeros

  1. For me personally the noughties as we call them in Australia were all about maternity fashion. I had a baby boy on 2000, another baby boy in 2002 and then just for something different another baby boy in 2006. So basically in between maternity outfits I did lots layering with shirts as mentioned. 3/4 pants and jeans are a staple for me. And somewhere in there I added office wear so I could work.

    My friends and I joke that you can tell when fashion died for some women because they stick to whatever was the ‘in thing’ when fashion died for them, usually it co-incideds with that first maternity purchase. I wonder if I will be forever stuck in November 1999.
    But it ended well, 2009 has been all about the maxi dress, and I must say, I rock a maxi dress!!

  2. I graduated high school in 2001 so thinking back on the fashions of the last decade is a matter of asking myself what we were wearing in high school. Since then:

    -Designer jeans really took off. They were everywhere (even at Costco!)

    -Really long, untucked t shirts became a staple

    -Skinny jeans/ pants

    -Gold jewelry (in the 90’s it felt like silver was more popular)

    -ankle booties

  3. I’m with Barb on the really long untucked t-shirts. For me, I think about the clothes that used to be my absolute favs but then haven’t worn in years – why? ’cause I just can’t make it work in this fashion arena.

    So – I boxed up loads and loads of lovely shirts and sweaters that were waist or even just above the hip line. Now, if it’s not down to the hips or lower, it’s like there’s something wrong with me!

    Uggs definitely.

    Skinny jeans and booties are definitely de-riguer.. but you can totally avoid them without being a fashion criminal. Layering and wearing the long long tops.. couldn’t avoid it no matter where you shopped.

    In hair – texture or layerd cuts. And bangs! Have you noticed how bangs have made a comeback?

  4. I think that for clothes the first part of the decade was all about flare and bootcut jeans, now its all about skinny jeans and leggings tucked into many different styles of boots. Long shirts for sure, lots of layers, and GRAPHIC TEES are everywhere! Flip flops, clogs for college students, and ballet flats have been huge.

    As far as hair, the side swooped bangs seemed to appear early to mid 2000s and have evolved to straight across bangs. Stick straight hair for a while, everyone now owns a flat iron (if only to manage those bangs).

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