Look of the Zeros: The Video

Oh boy, I would be embarrassed if it wasn’t so pathetically comical. A clear chapter in the ongoing saga of my life, I’m so flipping tired. I’m so flipping tired that when I recorded this video a couple of days ago it flew out of my head so I posted yesterday’s blog ON THE EXACT SAME SUBJECT. It’s like when I did stand up and every stage you perform you do the same act, or it’s like I have early dementia. Might.

Okay, sorry for being repetitive, it’s just the fatigue. But I am still trying to sum up the decade.

17 thoughts on “Look of the Zeros: The Video

  1. Those “Real Housewives of Orange County” shirts. You know the ones with the big pendant in between the boobs? Those scream this decade to me. Skinny jeans. Track suits with writing on the arse. GIGANTIC purses/bags. That’s my take. But, then again, I am about as unfashionable as they come. 🙂

  2. Those over-sized Mary Kate and Ashley Olson Glasses, gold hoop earrings a la J-Lo, chandelier earrings, baby ts, ankle boots and leggings,wearing jeans under a dress, tucking your boots into your jeans

  3. I graduated college in 2000. Now I’m a mom. A lot of changes in 10 years.
    Still, the one thing that I think stands out in my mind about the last 10 years is skinny jeans (I agree with Laura on that one). If I need to be specific, skinny jeans tucked into flat riding boots (actually, tucked into any kind of boot). That seems to be a 2000 wardrobe staple. I feel like everyone wears this style now, and I feel like it was just beginning in 2000 (with Earl Jeans, in fact. I remember getting a pair probably in 2000. Yes, it was 2000 because I was starting my first job).
    To add to that? Uggs. I feel like everyone has a pair. Leggings (a return to the 80’s, perhaps? And, btw, I heart them. As a mom in particular). Puffy coats (can you tell I iive in Boston?) Wrap dresses (DVF and knockoffs – I have the knockoffs).
    But these are all extraneous. I really think skinny jeans are the trend of the 00’s.

  4. great stuff. the writing on the butt for sure! remember first really noticing that in Miami in ’03 and thought “that’s a bad idea.” and yes, big purses and big glasses. I think those are pretty mom friendly actually.

  5. What about the resurrection of the dreaded legging? oy.
    How did this happen?
    I do however like a good gladiator shoe and the “skinny” jean.

    And then there is the term “mom jeans”. I think this made it’s debut in the 00’s. For those brands that have acknowledged that there needed to be an alternative to the bad mom jean…I salute you.

  6. No idea, am not fashionable at ALL. I think what I liked about the last decade (frick! When did I get so old!!) was that anything went.. skinny, flared, the whole gamut.

    Oh and the sleaze.. In my 43 years have I never seen so many exposed vaginas and boobs. Interesting as for the past 200 years woman have managed to keep these things covered for modesty. Over the past decade? A requirement; for celebs anyways..

  7. I have to say I like the return of the leggings. I like the liquid leggings. the key is you can’t wear them unless the top, jacket, sweater covers your bum and top of thigh triangle. I know my butt should not be overly exposed.
    And tattoo’s have become de riguer ( not sure if I spelled that right)

  8. How about PDA’s? Does that count? Because I just see people walking around with their thumbs moving over their phones… That’s the hottest accessory of the decade lol.

  9. Hey Daphne- I am Jeanne (A Stumpf granddaughter). Love, love, love the website. Anyway…

    2000-2010 was a step up from the 90s “Clueless”. All the things mocked in that movie for being elitist became mainstream.

    I called this the single girl’s “uniform” from 2002-2007:
    A pair of $100+ jeans with a silky camisole type top, and a Louis Vuitton or Coach bag.
    It is currently the cougar uniform!

    Anything Paris Hilton/Lindsay Lohan (stillettos and leggings)

    Lately- fancy headbands (Gossip Girl)

    Designer handbags, the decade spawned no-longer-can-I-get-a-bag-at-Ross-and-be-cool.

    2010 was like a return to the 80s in a way, not just the heels and leggings, but the $$$. Even high school girls clamored for denim and handbags in the hundreds if not thousands of dollars. And since I was pregnant in 2004 and 2007, the rise of high end maternity wear so we could live large while livin’ large! Think Citizens denim with stretch panels(!) and Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bags…

  10. THat daphne….is exactly the look of the leggings. Shirts that covered ur butt! I was so glad they ushered it in too ’cause i was so tired of girls leaning over and showing those thong lines and much more.

    So I would say the long shirts and the Layered look.

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