The Web Files

Still trying to get my mojo back after a whirlwind work trip to NYC. And then someone said, it’s Christmas this week. Say what?? While I get my blogger fingers and my vlogger sass back, here is an interview I did for a web show called The Web Files. It’s longer than a cool mom vid by about 5 minutes. Just a warning, there are a couple of pop ads that flash across my face you might need to click off.

Oh and cover your ears, I’m about to yell “I”M NUMBER 33, I’M NUMBER 33!” Babble ranked the top mom bloggers and this vlogger made the list. My name was misplaced, but that’s okay.  It ‘s the thought that counts.

2 thoughts on “The Web Files

  1. i didn’t realize you were the one that got momversation going. i found you thru momversation, which i found thru finslippy. i think you’ve succeeded in hitting that edgy area of motherhood that’s missing in other media.

    high five to you!

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