2 thoughts on “Why I Went Back to School

  1. aw sweet. don’t feel too bad daph. i was famous for driving away with stuff on my car. best story? left the portable phone on the running board of my SUV. Made a turn onto a main road and heard a click click click in the street. Looked in my side view mirror to see that sucker skid across 4 lanes and get crushed by oncoming traffic.

    sleep is over-rated.

  2. well…
    if i my knew husband knew i was going to tell you this, he’d probably cringe.


    here it is…

    those damn nose aspirators don’t work for squat. so when my babies are sick and stuffed up, i’ve siphoned their noses myself. yes, with my own mouth.

    i know! it sounds gross. but, really. it’s not to me.

    they’re my children. they can’t breath. can’t get any relief. i can’t stand to hear them gasping for air while nursing.

    can you imagine NOT being able to blow your own nose during the ENTIRE course of a wicked cold or flu???

    i also rationalize this practice by siting the inevitable antibodies i produce as a result, thus passing them on to my helpless little babe.

    i said it.

    just don’t tell my husband you know.

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