Merry Christmas

I hope you all are having a decent holiday time. I’ve long had gripes with this time of year. Pressure of spending money, family tensions, the usual. But last year was the worst Christmas of my life. Well, maybe neck and neck with the Christmas where my high school boyfriend broke up with me.

I won’t go over it again, but I’ve been bracing to be mildly depressed this season as well. I can happily report except for one day –2/3 of the day– where I ran over to my mom’s so I could nap and have a pity party, I have avoided the big Christmas blues (knock on wood).

All that happy, happy, joy, joy can feel like such a burden when your heart is breaking. I hope everyone who has their own challenges and struggles can enjoy themselves at least a little this year. Get a charge out of the kids’ joy is my favorite way to do that. I’m so lucky to have my kids. They have natural excitement. And we are excited about about the my husband’s new place opening up, The Tar Pit. Fingers crossed.

Thanks so much to all of you who come to Cool Mom and especially those who wrote kind things to support me and my family in our dark and hopeful times. I’ve gone a on journey with you all. I really appreciate the caring. Without knowing most of you, I feel a connection, and I can only hope that your families are safe and sound and prosperity is under the tree for everyone.

Happy Holidays.

Love, Daphne

8 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. and happy santa day to you!!! i know it’s been a tough year for you, but as you said, finding joy in our kids’ excitement really can get one through the rough patches.

    i’m a wrapping fool right now, trying to get it done tonight so i can relax on xmas eve and have just a few little things to do then.

    hugs from olytown!

  2. Excellent post, Daphne. I went through a year of infertility and that Christmas was the absolute worst. All I could see were happy, smiling, adorable children and their happy, smiling, fertile mothers! This year, my twins are about to turn 3 and it’s a totally different picture, but I still remember those horrible days and I know so many people are going through them now. I think it’s especially important around the holidays to be thoughtful and sensitive to those people who may not be feeling the same level of holiday cheer as you are. Posts like these remind us of that and give those people the encouragement that things won’t always be so grim. Thanks and have a wonderful holiday and a great New Year. I hope to make it out to LA this year and promise to try out Campanile and/or The Tar Pit!!!

  3. Daphne,

    Thanks for your heartfelt, honest post. I too feel a connection and while it seems so odd as we have never met, it feels so nature to care about one another. You and Mark and your family have been in our prayers this year.

    May we all have a healthy, prosperous and Happy New Year in 2010, as the last couple of years have really been hummdingers .

    I can only speak for myself, but it is that connection with people that we know both physically and virtually that have given us strength and lifted us up and we are very grateful and feel blessed beyond measure.

    I hope you, Mark and the kids had a wonderful day!



  4. Thanks Daphne, Merry Christmas, and I must tell you that my FAVORITE gift this year was …..
    your husband’s cookbook! Maybe someday I will get to LA to meet the famous chef and his hot wife. Here is hoping 2010 is better for all of us.

  5. Daphne,
    I went to the “IT” post since I didn’t know what you were reffering to) and all I can say is that I admire you even more now than before. I’ve been a “fan” if you will of your website for a couple of months now on and off, and I can honestly say YOU have brought me many laughs, and have made me feel like I’m not alone in this crazy ride of motherhood.

    The fact that you are still here with your great sense of humor and with your great wit speaks VOLUMES to me.

    I KNOW that 2010 will be a GREAT year for you. You’ve blessed MANY people with your blog…and as you give, you shall receive, tenfold.

    Happy New Year…and I look forward to “seeing” more of you soon.


  6. wow, late to seeing all of these dear comments. Glad you found us Frances. Stanz, Mark would love to sign your book! I think my new years resolution is to get nice stickers/plates he can write and then I can send. oye, one of these days.
    Ellen, how are you feeling? big hug back. Thanks for helping my year.
    Leslie, enjoy those teins, you are a better WO man than i. Leann and Wendy merry new year. and where is Olytown?

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