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Hey, just in case we need to review this… is another site where mom bloggers send in videos to discuss certain topics in parenting. I am one of the panelists on Momversation. Today Alice from leads the discussion with “What is your worst parenting story?” Heather of, one of the biggest mom sites out there, and I chime in.

The one bit I taped that I would add to this story (but gosh it can’t go on forever is this). We mostly address the trials of having young children, but from observing friends, cousins, and my husband, the worst parenting stories are with your older children who do things or make choices that are not good or productive for them and you cannot effect change. ┬áLack of sleep and temper tantrums be damned, not being able to connect, reach, or alter what your child is doing on a life choice level, that would be the worst parenting moment.


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  1. Daphne-
    I have done the exact same thing. Twice. Only my son didn’t have the verbal skills at that point to say anything…he was too into his “I don’t want to go to bed and I have the worst mother because she’s making me” tantrum, to speak. Luckily, his bed is soft, he lands like a cat, and he (for unknown reasons) never leaves his bed once placed in it. So, he just whimpered over the monitor for about 30 minutes before going to sleep. At some point his therapist will tell him that I am, in fact, the world’s best mom. He just doesn’t know it yet. And I will not refund him for the therapy.

  2. Totally have done all this stuff, no one is alone in anger management issues. Funny thing for me is it was not the FIRST kid but the SECOND that brings out my angry side. You think you know what you are doing and you have good parenting skills, turns out you don’t with a different personality type!

    BTW that background music was putting me to sleep. Could not watch entire video, ran out of patience.

  3. I had one of those “flinging the kid to the crib” moments. My daughter was just driving me nuts at lunchtime about 3 months ago..wouldn’t eat, threw all food on the floor and was crying like a maniac. I took the tray off the high chair, unbuckled her, got her off the high chair pretty roughly, walked to her room without saying a word and just pretty much threw her (soft landing too but you know, hard) screamed at her that I had it and that she was going to stay there until I wanted her to, shut the door and left. I was LIVID. I left her in the crib for almost 3 hrs until she FINALLY decided to nap……I felt terrible as soon as I shit her door from screaming at her.

    What did she do when I came back to the room to pick her up from nap? She gave me the BIGGEST SMILE EVER when she saw me….that’s when I really felt terrible!

  4. I have literally felt like I was alone in this. Hearing that you guys have done stuff like this has made me feel A LOT better. The one situation that sticks out the most is there was one really bad day. My son was just having a horrible day which made me have a horrible day which OF COURSE made him have a even more horrible day because of the whole kids being able to sense how your feeling. It just felt like everything that could possibly go wrong, went wrong.

    Anyways he was having a hard time going down for a nap and he wanted milk. I was frustrated enough already so when I came back up I THREW his sippy cup into his bed. I wasn’t throwing it at him. I had every intention to miss him. But of course with my luck (and his) that day it bounced off the wall and hit his toe and made him bleed! I never felt so bad in my life. He cried which made me start crying.

    Best thing I have ever done for my own sanity is now anytime I feel like I am at the end of my rope I just walk away. Stay to myself for 5 minutes and just try to think clearly.

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