Santa, Finally

This was the first Christmas Vivien was okay with Santa. I don’t blame her for being less than excited to sit on a strangers warm lap, but it did feel like a little victory that she was good with old Saint Nick this year. Notice how she was at 15 months when I first tried to get her to sit with Santa.  No go.


This year she went with her best friend and a week later took this picture with her cousin Lily.

She told me she would not have done it alone. “I’m brave with my friend.”

But let’s be real, the ’09 Santa was a much better Santa than the ’06 one. She can spot a phoney, phoney.

3 thoughts on “Santa, Finally

  1. Vivian is a smart chick. I still think most Santa’s a bit creepy…and what kind of guy applies for that job, anyways???

    She is gorgeous BTW — and I love her dress — v. cute!

    • Just found you on Twitter!I used to support your scohol with some of their ICT plans and ideas. Say hello to Tony Davies for me please I’m still supporting scohols in Kent with ideas and joining up thinking would be good to get a strong network of ICT fans going in Kent. KCC are not the best at doing this Would be good to chat (I am not trying to sell you anything!!!)Kind regards,Neil

  2. You should see my daughter’s Santa pic..she’s got both of her arms outstretched trying to get out of Santa’s lap and into daddy’s arms who was trying to make her smile and mommy was behind the camera lady trying to pic which picture looked less “Get me out of this guy’s lap he’s creepy!!”
    BTW, Vivien is beautiful just like her momma! 🙂

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