The Box

There it is, the last one I had to open. Since we moved to a smaller home when Rex was 2 and half months, it was a perfect time to edit my closet. So I filled two big plastic containers with the clothes that I couldn’t fit into. I recently cracked the last one open. I can basically fit into these clothes now, although not always cutting the finest figure in them.


I do a long walk with Rex almost everyday. Go to the gym once a week to work with weights and such. And try to do Stroller Strides at least once a week. Frankly, I blame my kid. Vivien was such a phenomenal nurser, I think she sucked the fat right out of me. Rex likes to nurse, but he is easily distracted and took an interest in solids before she did.

Result? Harder to lose weight and rough diaper changes.

My closet cannot handle the influx of the new “thinner” clothes. Now, I need to give away my maternity clothes, and I need to fill this box with a label that says “FAT CLOTHES.”

4 thoughts on “The Box

  1. i hear ya on the jelly belly, though you’ve done lots more towards ridding yours than i have. i’m sooooo tired of wearing the same 2 pairs of jeans.

    the perpetual rain up here in WA isn’t conducive to walking outside with the baby. guess i need to get a more weather resistant stroller, though i really do prefer doing power walks with her strapped to me, via the mei tai, soooo, maybe a poncho? i need to figure that one out.

  2. It was raining here for a week and my workout schedule suffered. I too like walking with Rex. I prefer the stroller and I don’t have a rain bonnet for my fave stroller and I fear others would think me cruel to walk him without one.

    I read scary spice does 600 crunches a day. keep thinking I should do that.

    interesting that the jelly belly remains for others…oye

    • Congratulations and good for you!!! I was once a size 20 and now am a size 8-10. I love buying new coehtls but can’t do it alot. I have 2 kids so it is hard to find the time and money to go shopping but when I do it is great!!!!I try to eat healthy but I find it hard so I exercise like a maniac so I can enjoy some treats every so often. I really LOVE exercising and thats what I will be doing for the rest of my life.Such a rush when you can try on a size you never thought you would get into.

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