Got Shower?

Lately, by the time Vivien is launched out the door, I’ve become as cranky as she was getting ready for school. This morning we had three kids to launch. My older stepson Ben is staying with us for a little a while so Mark needed to drop him off after he walked in Vivien. While Rex is somehow fed amongst the combing of hair, negotiating clothes, up-ended juice… the usual. It was after such a morning I did this vid.

This could be titled, “is this as good as it gets?”  Note, my sophisticated humor.

One thing that usually does make me feel better is the long walk I take with Rex after Viv goes to school. I just wish there were some hills around here, ’cause my butt is concave.

Note: the cologne I have in this vid is a small bottle of Jo Malone Lime basil and mandarin.  I am mildly obsessed with this sent.  But, that’s for a longer blog.

11 thoughts on “Got Shower?

  1. I’ve had moments where I’ve walked out of the house looked at a Reflection in a window and thiought, “How on earth did I let myself leave the house like this? What’s that smell?”

    Nice tip! I’ll try not to attempt it too often!

  2. Ok, the shower question just happened this morning! i could not remember what happened yesterday to know if i showered then or not! should i today? I had to…couldn’t remember the last time! wow.

    LOL at your singing the newspaper headlines…i remember doing that! And my girls are 6 and 9…you brought it back..the things we do as moms…..

  3. dude, i’m the REASON dry shampoo was invented. and it’s only gonna get worse in t-minus 3 weeks…

    (okay but seriously – your hair always looks guh-reat. it must be v thick, no?)

  4. yes, my hair is VERY thick. freakishly so. So much that when I go to my cheapy blow places most try to make me pay an extra $5 bucks. It’s how I can get away with NOT washing my hair for days ( after I have a pro blow dry that is) I like to say I have the hair of dog.
    Good luck!! I look forward to seeing your little one.

  5. I also have VERY thick hair, and so it always tends to look “mostly okay” even when I don’t wash…but I shower before bed…so I am all clean for my husband. 🙂 I have a harder time remember when I’ve washed my hair last. I usually get my 6 year old to smell it. If it smells orangey, it should be washed…cuz that means I filled it with some kind of gunky goo and I should clean that out before it gets really gross. If I wash it every night I would have to replace the shampoo every week…Daphne, I had my hair professionally re-blonded for the first time last summer (I used to be blonde, then I had kids and apparently pregnancy makes me brunette!). The stylist (a family friend who doesn’t usually charge me full price) said I used up 32 OUNCES of bleach to get all my hair done…and it’s only about as long as yours. Maybe a tad longer. She didn’t charge me full price, but she got a HUGE tip, b/c I was in her chair for 4 hours.

  6. What’s worse than forgetting to shower is sitting on the sofa and feeding your newborn and realizing you haven’t fed your bird since you gave birth, only to find him at the bottom of the cage, lifeless.

  7. Pamela, sorry for laughing, but sometimes dark humor is a riot. Oh no! That’s why I can’t have pets that would happen to me.

    Maegan, 4 hours for a single process? well, if it’s your first time back, but as a long time “two process” gal it shouldn’t take that long normally.

  8. This vid had me howling in sympathetic laughter – less about the “did I shower question” since I’ve kinda given up trying to feel like a human being, but more in recognition of the insanity of the morning routine. And, seriously, how AMAZING does it feel when it all goes off seamlessly? Like when the baby plays contentedly for exactly the right amount of time to let you make your toddler’s preschool lunch, do their hair in pigtails, and help them get dressed into an outfit of their choosing that doesn’t make them look like an extra from Annie, and then falls asleep in the car on the way BACK from preschool drop-off and doesn’t wake up during the transfer from car to house? I”m telling you Daphne, it IS the small things…and these are them.

  9. Momcognito outfit…love THAT TERM!
    And yes…it’s not only the shower question, it’s the “Did I brush my teeth? Did I eat breakfast? Where’s my daughter at?!” LOL

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