7 thoughts on “Momversation: Cutesy Names for Private Parts

  1. But we don’t pee out of our vaginas! lol

    I kept hearing in this Momversation about penises and vaginas but they’re really not all there is to it.

    We call the girls’ front part their “front bum” (which consists of her vagina, labia, clitoris, urethra… all that) and our boy has a “package” which includes his penis and his testicles (scrotum).

    Not “cutsey” or soft porn names but accurate, I think. 😉

  2. front bum is accurate?
    Yes, the urethra would be more accurate when disccusing going pee, but I’m saving all the terms for when we break out the diagrams when they are a little older.

    Again, if we fake names aren’t we telling our kids that there is SHAME in using the real names?

  3. Hey Daphne,
    You know where I stand… and I’m RIGHT THERE with you on this one.

    Bonnie, I see your point. There really is more to this. But the urethra is more detail than a toddler/young child can grasp.

    Now, front bum and package? I don’t know. I think they fall into the euphemisms category, right?

    I liken this to teaching my baby the word, “hand”. Then, later we’ll explain “fingers”. And then the thumb. Then pinky. Then the index, middle, ring, etc. The details will come later.

    Why not do the same with every other body part?

  4. We use “cutesy” names too but the reason I have behind it isn’t necessarily b/c I don’t like the accurate words but because sometimes toddlers take a word and are repetitive with it for 5-10 minutes it’s just ongoing….I think it would be easier to handle my child yelling….”BOOBOOS, booboos booboos” (he’s 2)…in line at the grocery store than to be yelling something like “Penis, penis, penis” —??

  5. My son made up his own word (his pee thing) and I actually corrected him calling it his penis. I would just use the words penis and vagina. Though I do appreciate a creative nickname. They make me giggle.

  6. I loved this video! I am not big on “cutesy” words for body parts either… My boys were taught to call their penis their TT :-( I didn’t teach them that nor did my husband and now we am having a hard time breaking it!

    My godson’s name is Tanner and they call him TT and we had a few issues last weekend when they were over. Every time someone said TT one of my boys was running for the bathroom or pointing to themselves!

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