11 thoughts on “New Uses for My 2004 Kerry/Edwards Mug

  1. BWAHAHAHAHA! (Ok, got the joke late but better now than never! LOL)
    By the way, “Beyond 7”?? Are those gas station condoms?? LOL Never heard of those!

  2. I hear ya! I still find condoms around the house, even in old suitcases! LOL We were quite the nymphos back then..hahahaha We don’t have to worry about condoms anymore either so I’m happy about that!

  3. Ok, so when I see this all I can think of is a “squirt” with Kerry in the middle… it looks like that to me. Is that totally inappropriate?

  4. oh gosh, hate to tar Kerry with douche bag Edwards. Obviously Kerry should have gone with his first choice, Gephardt for vp pick.
    it’s a picture of Edwards though.

  5. It is actually a very good condom brand. They’re made in Japan( compared to Thailand for the regular brands) and they work great. Even with all the recent Toyota problems, I still trust a Japanese product more.

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