Behind the Scenes

A lot of people (4) ask me how I shoot my videos. It happens two ways. Either I put my little video on a tripod like I did in this vid and wing it solo or about every 5 or 6 weeks a cameraman and a producer, my friend Rob Morhaim, come to my house and we shoot about 12 vids that then I scroll out of a few weeks. Those ones look better; there are nice lights and a bigger camera. I am more physically limited in what I can do with the homemades. Sometimes the content is fine, but I do like to try to make things look a little different when I have my crew. We just did a shoot day, and we had lunch catered. Which means my husband brought us soup and sandwiches from his lunch place in Culver City, their Point. The onion soup is ambrosia!

I am wardrobe and makeup gal. And in this video I should be fired.

6 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes

  1. Hi Daphne!

    I am very interested as to how a Mommy Blogger actually makes money doing these blogs. I know it’s such a typical question one might ask…but I’d seriously love a tip 😉 I mean other than the fact that you’re already famous and soooo funny—-of course moms love u 😉 Any tips for a stay at home mommy looking to make a little xtra while I do what I love? Thank you!

  2. I wish I had great insight. I’ve been waiting to reach a certain threshhold of eyeballs, which I recently did, in order to get some ads here. cool mom has generated a little through that, but trying for big ad deals for more money. it’s a tough ad market for all kinds of media. I was naive when I started this and thought it would be easier, but I am hopeful. I did get some money to be a spokeperson in december for Upromise master card. That fell in my lap. Yes, it helped I had a little recognition already and neilson had ranked me as one of the top 16 mom bloggers.

  3. hey daphne, the last week and half of blogs (back thru “kids not listening”) only just showed up in google reader this morning. thought you’d want to know.

    also, i think you *should* have a red carpet!

  4. i love the blogging world too and it’s refreshing to read your blog! i would someday like to figure out how to do it and make some moola too. in the meantime i found this contest and just entered my son in it…grand prize is $1000…easy money…might pay for his braces one day 🙂

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