It’s News! Sort of.

On the eve of The State of the Union speech by President Obama, I was trying to watch some political shows per usual.

“Vivien, let me watch the end of ‘Hardball,’ and then I will play dress up dolls with you.” I played dress up dolls while Hardball was on. Compromise.

I’m sure you are like me. You sit at home watching the news or reading it online, and you think,

“No, no you aren’t getting it.”

or “Um, that’s not how I see it.”

So here are a few of these random thoughts in no particular order.  I would love to hear from you about when you challenge the conventional wisdom of a news story. Political, pop culture, whatever.

QUIT CALLING IT A HUG! Florida Governor Charlie Crist did NOT hug Obama. It was nothing like that pathetic shot of McCain Squeezing George W Bush like his momma after she has been out of town for a few days. Crist grabbed Obama’s arm while they shook hands. It wasn’t even the “Straight Man hug,” the embrace while they each loudly pat each other on the back. Crist may be an overly tan moderate who has gotten on the wrong side of some conservatives, but news people stop saying he hugged a guy he didn’t.


Yeah, not really. The Bay state sent a message that charisma plus retail politics still rules the day. That race was decided the same way most are: who is more likable? Who would you rather have a beer with? Martha Coakly seemed cold and officious and couldn’t talk about baseball (among other gaffes). Scott Brown is a hunky, likable pro choice Republican. He handled questions very well and the first person he called when he was elected was Vicki Kennedy. That’s a smart politician (weird comments about his daughters came after he was elected, oops). Yeah, the economy still stinks, people get nervous about some big proposals, but I think if I had met Scott Brown years ago I probably would have slept with him.  I’ll vote for that… in my mind.


I may scream if I hear some hack pundit say this one more time. Way to allow the health care business–and it is a business– to set the debate. It does have to do with jobs, it does have to do with job creation. If a business is crushed by the cost of insuring their employees, will they hire more people? No. Will they try to hire less employees and only pick up freelance people whom they don’t have to pay benefits too?  It’s already happening. If health care costs eat up the little profit margin a small business has, will they stay in business? The costs are soaring. I’m still perplexed at how cost containment isn’t more front and center for the debate on both sides. I’m not saying the Obama plan can fix these issues. I am a big hair less Dane or Swede in my heart when it comes to health care, I’m for cradle to grave, but fat chance getting that in the US. Bottom line, health care debate is NOT separate from jobs.


Barf, who wants to see that head case parade her newly bounced back body? Not me. Right, I’m sure you are mother of the year with your 14 kids and your workout routine. Good for you. Go away.

And most importantly,


Can we please discuss how our emphasis on being a war machine bleeds education and safety from our kids, robs the middle class of resources, and leaves our mentally ill and poor to wonder the streets and annoy as we walk out of Trader Joe’s? One doesn’t have to be a dyed-in-the-wool hippie to see that these huge companies that make the weapons and support staff (Blackwater anyone?) hide behind our patriotism and support our troops sloganeering. It’s called war profiteering, and it’s so ingrained in our country, few see it, and less speak about it. It’s not a mainstream discussion, and this mother thinks it should be.

What are some of your fist pounders or head scratchers?

Just cuz he’s cute…

6 thoughts on “It’s News! Sort of.

  1. I totally agree with each and every one of your points. Especially Octomom. Personally, I thought the pictures of her in Star were really, really pathetic and sad. She looks horrible, even with her airbrushed stomach (I’m sorry, but Vitamin C is not going to make all of those stretch marks just up and disappear…). As for politics, I wish people of all parties could stop the criticizing for one freaking minute and give the man a chance. I think we’ve all been watching too much “American Idol” and want to pretend we’re Simon Cowell….

  2. oh, that is a very good point. The simon cowell effect, bet there is something there.
    the other thing about the octo mom is …for a mother of 14 kids her body in a bikini is not interesting or relevant. I’m more interested to hear about how they are cared for, educated, etc. The real challenge, the real job of a parent.

  3. Yes, I would LOVE to go ‘behind the scenes’ in Octomom’s house for a day or so, just to see how it really works. There have to be at least a couple of nannies around, right? I have 3-year-old twins and it’s a circus getting them to do anything…..can’t imagine adding another 6 in the mix, plus 6 older ones….kill me now. And it’s going to be a LOT harder once they all start walking and climbing and destroying things at will….She’s going to need one hell of a babyproofer.

    I can’t take full credit for the Simon Cowell idea….I read something somewhere along the way that made a similar point, and I thought it was so true. And not just with Pres. Obama, though I think he suffers from it the most egregiously right now, but with anyone in any sort of public role whatsoever. It’s like judging people and calling them out on their faults, no matter how miniscule, has become an Olympic sport. And it’s funny, sometimes, but sooooo counter-productive.

  4. yes, it’s so easy to be negative and cynical. It doesn’t seem cool to say, “let’s give the president a chance here” And why not, he is in office for a few more years, so let’s go with it.

    I wish more people, especially parents’s were outraged that our resources are being manipulated and used by war profiteers. No one even talks about Iraq any more and our guys and gals are still there…bring them home.

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