Another Milestone

I keep hoping Rex sleeping in a room with Vivien will stick. But he is still kind of noisy baby, and their sleep schedules are so different that most of the time I have to keep them separated. Which means Rex is either in Oliver’s room (when Oliver is elsewhere) or in the play room… a.k.a. the kitchen.

Sometimes it bums me out that he sleeps in the kitchen. Other times I think, hey Barack Obama grew up in an apartment; his wife’s whole family lived in a one-bedroom apartment, and they certainly did well for themselves. Look at Michael Douglas’s son; he is facing a 10 year prison sentence, and his mother is selling their 29 million dollar home. So, the physical structure in which a child grows up doesn’t mean that much… as long as they have some structure over their head.

I digress. This is about a crib. And here is my husband making a cameo as… my husband.

7 thoughts on “Another Milestone

  1. If sleeping in the kitchen is Rex’s biggest problem…. something tells me it’ll be a great story to joke about when he gets older.

    “Mom, remember when you used to make me sleep in the kitchen?”

    Have you thought of putting a fan in the kid room? I use a cheap tower fan from Target in the corner of my bedroom and it seriously works WONDERS. It’s loud enough to drown out almost any noise and it has seriously improved my quality of sleep. And life.

    I bought one for the twins I nannied and suddenly they became superstar nappers. Coincidence? I like to think not.

    Hope the sleep situation works itself out for the two cuties :)

  2. Thanks, it is more work, but I like it too.

    I hear yah on the big fan. I use an ocean like sounder for him. And yes, we should be so blessed as to have awkward or unusual sleeping arrangements be our troubles.

  3. We use a white noice machine for my son and also for our foster daughter and it works great for them.
    On a side note: what brand are the drapes behind you? I love that soft green color. We just painted our 2 year old foster daughter’s room pink and I want a green that is not so limy looking :)

  4. I have the same mental battles having only one bathroom. I tell myself it doesn’t matter. I grew up in a home with 3 bathrooms, growing up my dad had an OUTHOUSE in the alley. We all survived.

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