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Am I the only mom that gazes at the girls in pre-school and picks out admirable fashion? I have often uttered to a 3 year old, “I’d wear that.” Some things only a little kid can get away with.  When Vivien puts on striped tights, a flower dress, and super hero cape and says to me, “Momma, can I wear this?”

I say, “Sweetie, you are 4; knock yourself out. Wear whatever you want.” Unsaid? “Because it’s the only time you will feel this free.”

Granted at school drop off, I’m usually at my schlompiest best (but it fits). Here’s a dress of Vivien’s I wish was in my size. She doesn’t wear it much because it’s not pink or purple, but I love it. And it’s made of heavy velvet; it has a nice hand.

I’ll be clutching that one to my chest years from now.

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  1. Yeah, but aren’t the parents still BUYING the kid’s stuff…

    And while I want my child to dress & express herself, I also tend to buy basics. We have JEANS, leggings (in various solid colors), long sleeved tees (mostly solids, some rugby stripes), short sleeved tees (solid, polka-dotted, or with a graphic). And pretty much any combo of these things can’t go wrong.

  2. I love Vivien’s dress…and I love how adorable she looks in it!

    This is wonderful, Daphne: “I say, “Sweetie, you are 4; knock yourself out. Wear whatever you want.” Unsaid? “Because it’s the only time you will feel this free.”

    That’s so true!

  3. Oh man, I’ve got this one pink kimono styled dress that Rip wore when she was four that I can’t bear to part with myself. Naturally it’s irreparably stained, but…*sniffle*

  4. I know what you mean! I have a totally girly-girl 4yr old. She loves tu-tus, leggings and dresses, no ‘hard pants’ for her, lol. Her Gran has splurged on a couple of Hanna A. dresses w/ coordinating leggings and I wish I could pull that look off. Some days she does her own thing, and as long as it won’t freeze her fanny off or it’s just too short or tight, I say wear it and enjoy! You are so right, this is such a magical, free time of self expression.

  5. When I had my daughter in 2006, my mother sent me a box full of clothes that I wore when I was a baby. Primarily special dresses and sweaters from my baby days. Some, even, that my grandmother made for me. What a gift!

    Aside from saving these special pieces, I’ve saved many more since her birth. So, I know what you mean, Daphne. Hold them close to your chest, indeed.

    To keep the sweet feeling going, I hang these dresses on beautiful hangers and display them around her room once she’s outgrown them. I even keep an especially fabulous pair of pink patent leather boots that lace up with pink satin ribbon on a shelf in her room. Oh, they’re to die for, I tell you. Drool.Drool.

    Anyway, my little girlie knows which dresses were mine when I was a baby and she LOVES to talk about how she wore them, too. It just warms me up, I tell you.

    And your little Viven is beautiful in her dress. I hear you about the pink and purple, thing. These are my daughters favorite colors, too 😉

  6. As you grow older, you become more self aware, more concerned about what other people think, more frustrated about smaller or bigger problems you have with your body… and most women lack the dare to wear the clothes that fit their personallity, but the clothes that fit their perception on what the world and themselves see them like.
    Kids are lucky. They don’t get to think that way. They have the innocence, the boldness and the charms to wear almost anything and get away with it. And everybody finds them adorable. If all us women would still have that confidence, we’d be stunning as well. No matter the way we look or think we look.
    And even though you as a parent buy them clothes, kids will always have a say in what they wear. If it’s a good wear or a bad wear, let them do it ( as long as it’s not too expensive :) ).
    Congratulation on Vivian’s photo anyway. It is truly, adorable .

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