May I Take Your Order?

Mark went to Vivien’s school and made grilled cheese sandwiches for her class. He was proud that she was more adventurous with the ingredients than the other kids. Campanile is known for their Thursday Grilled Cheese Nights. They are not normal grilled cheese sandwiches. Things like open face faced Burrata mozzarella, toasted garlic, cherry tomatoes, along with a basic grilled cheese. All delish. Vivien loves the walkie talkies dad uses at the farmer’s market and when he puts her car seat in the van.

If she worked with him now it might violate some child labor laws. But maybe one day…

5 thoughts on “May I Take Your Order?

  1. Oh, he is such a handsome dad. He must seem like a knight in shining armor to her, what sweet memories.

    The magic of a loving dad on a little girl’s life is such a life shaping thing. Makes me think of poor Ireland Baldwin and the dud she got strapped with, did you hear the latest? How he threatened suicide with pills, then she had to call 911 on her own when she found him unresponsive?? Some parents are such losers.

    Contrast that with the picture you’ve posted, worlds apart.

  2. I love school traditions. Being an ex-homeschooler, I now realize how different schools are these days. Sledding trips, Disney Nature field trips every Earth Day, bond-with-your-peers BINGO nights.

    Yes, endless grilled cheese sandwiches from my point of view.

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