Rex’s First Birthday!

Today mac and cheese, a boston bibb salad with green goddess dressing, and cupcakes will be served at lunch time at home to celebrate my son’s first year. Hooray Rex!  I am so grateful for your presence in our lives and that you are healthy. Your smile lights up my heart.

And he says his most clear word to date: “Uh-oh!” He is 21 and half pounds of sweet love.

10 thoughts on “Rex’s First Birthday!

  1. Happy 1st birthday, Rex! I hope you enjoyed that scrumptious-sounding meal and that Mom gave you an extra cupcake. It’s your birthday! (Bat those eyelashes at her and score an extra dessert! Us Mommies are pretty helpless in the face of such cuteness).

  2. Happy Birthday, Rex!

    You have made so many mommies out here who watch you happy….we melt and smile when you look at us in the camera!

    One mommy who is VERY happy today is yours, because one year ago today she had you….and she has been smiling ever since.

    Happy BIrthday, King Rex!

  3. I don’t remember if one went faster than the other. The first one was an easy baby, but our lifestyle was harder…Then with the second I was a stay at home mom…so I was a million times less stressed!

    Happy Day Rex!

  4. Thank you for making me feel less guilty for not taking my now nine month old to any classes. No, wait, I took her to a four week swim class, and missed two of them. I felt like such a horrible parent, but I realize it’s just not possible to treat your second with the same attention that you did your first.

    Happy Birthday to your son.

  5. Happy (belated) Birthday Rex (so cute I could eat you up!) and congrats to you Daphne for a successful year with two kids. You continue to make me laugh at all the crazy things that happen in the “parenthood”.

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