Rex’s Party

I’ll call this Rex’s official one-year-old portrait. I love babies in traditional clothes like this. We had a great lunch time party in this unseasonably (don’t tell me global warming isn’t a real phenom) weather. Even in LA, it’s odd to for it to be 80 degrees on Presidents’ Day.

I took him for a long walk beforehand so the guest of honor wouldn’t be too cranky at party time. Some people also brought presents for Vivien, which was very thoughtful.

I have that awful cough that has been going around so I’m not feeling that chipper. I have to sleep propped up and have been up a lot at night coughing away. Can’t wait to be healthy again.

I am eating my words about Valentine’s day. Mark stunned me Sunday morning by bringing in a cool present with the kids. This black pant suit (so comfy), this cool necklace, which was made by a waitress at one of his restaurants, and the pink rubber ring that Vivien picked out. ¬†Okay, I’ll stop complaining about the holiday.

3 thoughts on “Rex’s Party

  1. Oh, I LOVE little boys in unisex clothes. That’s what I call them.

    The boys, who are older now, HATE the pictures I have up of them with curly hair and puffy sleeves..

    They cry, “I look like a girl…” But, no, they just look so yummy.
    Think I’ll have that picture of Rex for breakfast,

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