American Idol

Despite our best plans to hold Western civilization together realty shows, have become a part of our lives. Well, most of us. From the higher brow like Amazing Race, to those put-a-bunch-of-white-trash-girls-in-a-room variety, at some point we watch them. The Bachelor? No, never liked it. Blech. Talk about setting woman back.

But American Idol? Well, you see where I am going with this. And what do you think of Ellen so far? I think she’s fine.

3 thoughts on “American Idol

  1. oh, idol. what IS it about you? i cannot turn my back on you.

    well, like you said, until simon leaves.

    (but don’t you kind of miss paula? she added zero value, but still…her clown makeup and disjointed clapping alone made me love her.)

  2. Oh, daphne: this is nothing to do with this post, but I just found out about your friends, Hunter’s parents, from Healing Hunter..

    I cannot believe that they are at the end. THe latest entry says there’s nothing else they can do. The cancer is back a 4th time. THere’s pictures of Hunter at the beach, with his tubes.

    I can’t get over this. So unbelievably sad.

  3. Alexandra, I just read that myself and wrote to Lenore. I am still in shock. I cannot believe it. He is a beautiful boy, they are a beautiful family. He has been fighting most of his life. Yes, I’m crying right now. I was just crying to Mark. It’s the worst. Thank you for reading her blog. I know she wants people to know about Hunter.

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