Finances and Friends: Momversation

Have you felt your friendships changed because you did or did not have money? Rebecca from Girl’s Gone Child asks the question. Since we have moved, I have noticed a few less invites from some friends with big houses, but real friends stay constant.

I think we have discriminated somewhat against people who have bad taste in food. It’s just hard not to with Mark as my mate. But that doesn’t mean money.   have plenty of friends who cook up some yummy vittles in their small apartment kitchens. But, even so, sometimes you have to eat the crap they want if you really love them.

Watch the vid, and tell me what you think. I liked Giyen’s comment (Bacon Is My Enemy); it rang true.

3 thoughts on “Finances and Friends: Momversation

  1. I think all 4 of you are precious, exceptional women that are instantly likeable.

    I would never let finances stand in the way of a friendship with someone like any of you (haha)…With my life, finances never play an issue since I have no money to do anything with…so never fear…no spur of the moment trips to Vegas here…:).

    P.S. I think of all 4 of you as successful.

  2. Yeah we had friends who would eat out ALL the time and didn’t have kids. We moved to Colorado b/c they offered us a job and other things. But as soon as we stopped eating out with them (hello! family of 4 on 24k budget a year…) Yeah eating out is for special occasions in our family…. Well… later that friend asks my husband “where you been? How come you don’t hang out with us anymore…and don’t say it’s the kids…” WOW talk about clueless. Yeah guy, since you don’t pay rent or phone and all you pay for is small bills and food…. YEah we hardly see that guy anymore. Things are weird now. I agree…stay away from the situations that will make your children feel bad—-or make yourself feel bad! True friends will recognize you don’t have money but still wanna hang out and will either invite to pay or do the cookout so that they CAN hang out with you… just sayin’

  3. Well of coruse Dads are no longer the center of the family dynamic when kids enter – the kids themselves become the center. Everything you do as a family revolves around them.Like Jed, I truly enjoy that moment when I walk in the door and get swamped by my daughters. My 6 year old is always in a rush to give a brain dump on her day – I’m careful to give her time where I can sit down and give her my attention.Lastly my wife and I have conversations about what is going on, and make sure to agree on the approach we want to take regarding any issue.I attend a lot of birthday parties and play dates, and I’m constantly engaging with other parents with the issues of the moment and getting their opinions and outlook.

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