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I think part of being a good parent is embracing your dorkiness. I was just at the park with Vivien for her sports class, and I had on a navy hoodie, brown velvet sweat pants, and worn sneakers.  No makeup, no shower (hey, bath the night before). One dad strode into the park with newsboy cap, leather blazer and posture that said, “These kids haven’t beaten me down!”  I thought I wish I had an outfit on. I wish I had clothes that match.  But, then again, why? I’m chasing after Rex crawling through the grass and sand. I’m lugging a bag over my shoulders full of snacks, water and diapers. A bag that would ruin the line of any stylish outfit. So, why bother? Why not just be covered and utilitarian and embrace it.

Yeah, I don’t dress up, I’m in momcognito.

Yeah, my roots are deep, and my nails are jagged because I’m too tired or too busy to leave my kids to attend to that.

And yeah, when I go to work ,my motherhood can betray my attempt at professionalism.

Have you ever had a moment like this at work?

5 thoughts on “Princess Pen

  1. Oh, so funny, and Yes, oh, Yes, sadly–I can relate. Though I have a baggie of crayons in my purse I have pulled out to take notes.

    Worn out farmer worker hands, hair way past due the need a haircut stage, same Old Navy T shirt, Old Navy jeans, and Target flats.

    Yup. But you know what, I carry in my purse a picture of me and my husband when we were newly engaged. As a joke, after I know someone a while, I like to pull this out and say, “…just so you know, I used to be a babe.”

    Cracks them up every time. “Rather than pearls, gold, jewels around her neck, she wore her children around her neck.”

  2. I am always the go-to mom when someone needs something from my overstuffed bag.

    And I dunno about unprofessional…maybe just gross….But I was in a meeting once (with only 4 other people, ALL women, 3 moms, thankfully) and I was sort of half leaning across the table to point something out on a computer screen for a few minutes, discussing how important this little bit of data is and blahblahblah. Pull my arm back, and the girl next to me is like, “Did you knock your drink over?” I look down…Um, no. That’s my breastmilk…which not only had soaked through my shirt, but had puddled on the table in front of me. Being the always-prepared-momma, I DID have a clean shirt to change into. Then I used some wipes to clean up the table.

  3. Just a few weeks back to work when my son was a baby, I whipped off the blazer to deliver a killer presentation, sat back down satisfied with my super-momness. The woman next to me (only other woman in the room) leaned over and said “you have spit up all down the back of your black silk sweater, put the blazer back on.” humbling, to say the least.

  4. I can totally relate! (and I HATE Google reader…I’m JUST catching up to all your posts which NEVER appeared on it.)

    I’ll just pay a visit to your website instead of relying on the reader from now on.

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