The “R” Word: Momversation

There was a lot going on in this discussion and due to time constraints it didn’t all get in.  But you get the gist. I started the Momversation because I was irked that Sarah Palin thought it was okay if Rush Limbaugh called people “retards” but was mad when Obama’s chief of staff did it. She would have been a lot more credible, cooler in my eyes if she hadn’t been afraid of the 800-pound gorilla. And moreover, I think she is a big enough star in conservative circles that she could have. It could have been her Sista Souljah moment. But no she did not.

Morever, the word in general. I do not want to hurt anyone’s feelings and I have people in my family who have… limitations, so I wouldn’t want anyone to mischaracterize their challenges by calling them a “retard.” But words with hard consonants are funnier than ones with soft soft.

Cucamonga, funny.

Anaheim, not funny.

So that is why the word has become a “funny” word.  But maybe it’s time to retire it unless it’s for its real meaning as in, “Son’t put sugar on the plant; you will retard its growth!”

2 thoughts on “The “R” Word: Momversation

  1. This one irks me, because I love language and words have specific meanings. That word, in particular, means to slow or stunt, aka “to retard the growth of something.” The word pre-existed the diagnosis of mental retardation – and I kind of object to it’s being banned en toto. In fact, I think that an absolute ban would be retarded. I DO think, however, that the word should not be used to describe people without an appreciation for the historical context implicated with its use (and for my favorite reason mentioned in the video – it’s simply not nice). I don’t think it’s the same as the N word because that word only has one context.

    Regarding Palin, I think she forgot to write on her hand that she should be consistent or else risk revealing what a political whore she is. Oopsies. Don’t mean to go so negative here, but I detest her and her mafia-esque brand of politics. Based on how she handled her ex-brother-in-law’s firing and the subsequent cover-up, not to mention the local librarian who stood up to her after she tried to ban books from the local library, I actually cannot believe she is still given a pulpit from which to preach, and a voice with which to preach. She’s a hypocrite, and a bully.

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