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  1. OH..the rodent handpuppet should just go anyhow…

    My boys always loved it when I took a big ball of waxed paper, and wrapped and tied a bandana around it. They loved to hold it, toss it, crunch it…the simplest thing. But all 3 loved it.

    Love seeing Rex anytime.

  2. I don’t think it’s gender-specific — my daughter liked stacking buckets and chewable rings long before she ever responded to a stuffed animal. Now (2) she sleeps with a few fuzzies, but she still spends most of her day with bristle blocks, puzzles, sets of little plastic animals, cars, and all the rest. The dolls and stuffed animals mostly sit on a shelf.

    Really, I think that all the soft toys for babies come from our fear that they’ll injure themselves, and/or that they might roll on something and thus should be surrounded with softness. All marketing — small kids like to explore the real world and little things that they can manipulate.

  3. My babies only want the soft toys when they are sleepy. Otherwise they want something that makes noise or at least makes noise when you smack it on something.

    Also, I agree with Alexandra, the rodent hand puppet can go anyways.

  4. Mine are split. Both girls…they like the hard toys and the soft toys. Almost seems equal. I have two sets of bin-drawer type things. One for each kid. Top bin is soft toys (dolls, stuffed animals, etc), bottom is hard toys. Both sets seem to be equally cluttered. I will say my girls spend a lot of time making their toys into BABIES more than any other kids I know. And I don’t just mean turning their teddy bear into a baby…

    “Mommy, do you want to meet my shoe baby?” Wha…You mean your shoe? “No, it’s a shoe *baby*.” Um..Okay, I’m grandma to a shoe. “NO! SHOE BABY!” And on it goes. There have been lotion babies, tissue babies, block babies, and even…baby babies. Lol.

  5. that is funny! such caring girls.
    okay, rodent puppet was a gift.. I will retire.
    Yes, thing things they can manipulate. I agree about the marketing, good point. I like the wax paper ball idea.

  6. I have one son and two daughters. None preferred the soft toys in babyhood.

    But, my sisters two boys each had a stuffy toy they LOVED. Each to their own?

  7. Not gender specific, I don’t think. I have a 9 month old girl who loves bracelets, our universal remote and my smart phone. Babies love things they can touch and manipulate. She loves banging together the balls from the “hammer the ball through the hole and make the monkey dance” plastic game she has. And the push a button and make a farm animal pop up plastic gizmo. Just today, she was infatuated with the pull tab on my fleece. Thought it was the bees knees. Now, she has a crocheted very soft blanket that she smothers herself with whenever it’s provided to her…loves it to death, she does. And a very sweet stuffed animal owl in her crib that she will finger the stitching on. . .but for fun, she loves to make things click, smack, and move.

    Also love the wax paper ball idea! Good one.

  8. Nope. My daughter is almost ten months and she likes her stuffed animals in her crib (I know, I’m a bad mother. The horror!), but she only really likes to hand them to you, so that you can kiss them over and over and over and over and over. Otherwise, she prefers her brother’s drum set, his matchbox cars, her stacking cups, anything she can bang on, magazines she can tear to shreds, and board books she can eat. She also likes things with sharp corners to catch an eyelid on, or give herself a giant goose egg on immediately prior to having her picture taken.

    My daughter is a bruiser.

  9. Agreed, Connor only wants dangerous things. My straightener, pans, forks, electrical cords. Keeps me pretty busy!

  10. ok the minute we got to my parents’ house for spring break, my sister’s boyfriend came over and carved holes in a large box from a futon she just bought and these kids were entertained playing whack-a-mole with it all week long! Of course they used the box as a slide and a riding toy…. and this is why our kids don’t need toys… They’ll only fight over them later…. which they are doing now for a little ball…gotta go!

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