Little Chloe Sevigny

You know when you get a glimpse of your child and you can see a preview of what they will look like older?, The other day Vivien allowed a clip to go in her hair. Very rare. I thought she looked so pretty and it struck me, “She looks like Chloe Sevingy,” the actress on “Big Love” who always shows up on the red carpet in avant-garde fashion. Maybe it’s a silly celeb-fixated culture thing to think ones we know look like someone famous.

I got a glimpse of myself the other day with no make up and very little sleep and thought I bore a striking resemblance to Bea Arthur.

And then there’s Maude…

8 thoughts on “Little Chloe Sevigny

  1. Oh, I absolutely agree. And a bit like a very young Kate Hudson,too.

    Adorable top, Viv. I don’t know who you look like yet, Daphne, but it is NOT Bea Arthur.

    I’ll figure it out…

  2. Off the subject, but just read Lenore’s post on Hunter’s passing. Heartbreaking. So very heartbreaking. And unbelievable. How could they have had only 3 weeks?????

  3. People would stop me at the grocery store and tell me I looked just like Nancy McKeon, during the Facts of Life heyday. It annoyed me to no end! I was 10 yrs old and I would have much rather been mistaken for Lisa Welchel, you know the “pretty one”.
    Since I’ve dyed my hair I’ve been told I look like Kari Byron of Mythbusters fame, only older. It’s the “but older” exception that is SO amusing.
    I wonder if famous people get told they look just like themselves, but older.

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